Tuesday, 30 December 2008

toppin this year up nicely!!

well...it's almost the last day of the year 2008!! Im not particularly fond of new year really...but my friends invite me to spend the new year at their places tomorrow... im still undecided -_-" 
anyway, miuuu, here are two of my designs, these are not the most recent ones...I forgot where I saved them last time *baka me!* I hope you like them ;)

I used acrylic powder to create these 3d design, I used stripping pen to add some variety on the first one and glitter polish for the background on the 2nd one.

since it's coming anyway I might as well say it now 
"HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!"

God bless

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas time!!

Hi everyone,
I cant write much now, gotta crash the bed soon coz I have to wake up early tomorrow, but just wanna say MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!! :)
I will write more after tomorrow ^__^

God bless y'all!!

Monday, 15 December 2008

my first tag too!!

Ok, Im tagged by miumiu and here's what I have to do..

once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog. you can’t tag the person who tagged you.

ok, so here goes:
1. Im a night person. I cant go to sleep before 11pm and often go beyond midnight.not a good habit I know -_-"
2. I eat ALOT. like ALOT that it scares ppl sometimes...
3. I love chocolate. every kind of it!! and cakes!!
4. I know make up after I graduated from university XD
5. I like to just stay home and do my own things rather than go clubbing hehehe
6. I hate new year. I usually sleep before 9am on new year eve
7. Im getting married next year and cant believe how much stuff need to be taken care of just for one day lolz
8. I love BOOKS. I can just read read and read the whole day. and I finished that mad thick harry potter in 3 days
9. I like to read but due to too many books around, I only read what's recommended to me or the best sellings books
10. I love drawings. esp cute japanese comics
11. I love cuteness. Japan is my next destination!!!! land of cuteness wohooo..
12. I dont drive. But I will drive when I move to Melbourne next year
13. Im on the way of earning my AG (accredited gemology) diploma. hopefully next year ^^
14. Im not very patient but I love doing crafts. and I can be very patient when it comes to doing nails
15. I sleep like a pig. I can sleep very long hours...like 12 hours...
16. when I dress. Im not a brand minded girl. I rather have many unique pieces that I can mix & match according to my mood. but when I dont feel like it, Im trusting my dear tee n jeans.

Ok, I seriously dunno who to tag coz everyone in my blog list has been tagged by someone else T-T so Im tagging everyone who reads my blog and hasnt been tagged before. "You're it!!"

also, yesterday I went to shop for my wedding needs. and being a naughty girl I ended up buying things that I didnt plan.
All I planned to get is just a simple cardigan, but the shop has too many things I ended up with 7 pieces of clothes!!!can you say madness.... -_-"

I miscalculate...it's 8 pieces people -_-" I got them all for less than $50 hehehehe... it's all brand new, all made locally..did I mention Im so good at bargaining?lolz

happy mondays!!!
may you all have a good start of the week :)
God bless!!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Thou shall not be the same girl twice

Okies, so here's my entry for miss yumeko's fun contest ^^
I must say I have enjoyed it very much, despite the fact that the only time available for me to do it is during the night. so after many hours outside amongst humidity and pollution, I think my face looked tired in the pictures, but whatever..hehehe..

so here's the five pieces I used for the looks
My fave lavshuca pallete, SANA liquid eyeliner, Esprique precious pallete, kiss blush on, and integrate lippy. I dont really like wearing mascara (eventho for most ppl it's their HG items hehe..) so I leave it out..

I also dont really like my camera (time for a change? AHA!) it doesnt capture the image the way I want it to be...

I might not be the HUGEST fan of make up, but I do love getting my self beautified (which girl doesnt?) and Im thankful for the many amazing invention in cosmetics industry that can enhance my face's features and cover flaws ^^

For basic I normally use my uv lotion and then my shiseido compact. thats it. simple and pronto! I usually add more steps (foundation, concealer, etc) when special occasions call, like big party or wedding night.

for this competition, because the only time I do this is after work (depending on my schedules that day I dont always wear full make up), I cant be bothered to clean my face and start over again with foundation base, so I just do some light touch up for the base and proceeded away.sorry for the lazyness...

First look is 'the party night out'
The colors came up better with flash (first pic) but I dislike my face looking so oily there lolz..
I used the pinker tone of my blush as an eyeshadow, then mixed it with esprique's brown goldie, put the dark purple of my luvshuca as the liner for the below. use SANA eyeliner for the upper part, splash some blush on, kiss the integrate lipstick lightly and Im finish.

Second look is 'the fresh for bite' (dont mind the name, I like creating wierd lines hahaha)

Sorry for the scary eyes pic, I was quite hopeless in trying to capture the color so I tried to tilt my head abit and took the picture from the front. it works ^^"
for this, I used the glitter cream based from esprique pallete, again my pinker blush on, and SANA liner for the lower part of the eyes only

3rd look 'the bold getting beautiful'' look:

I used Esprique cream base & creamy white eyeshadow, and Luvshuca cream & dark purple tone. mix them mix them mix them, add some SANA, blush the cheek, paint the lips and there you go!!

4th look 'the sweet goes for treat' look:

Esprique cream base, Luvshuca purple combined with esprique brown gold, SANA liner, blush on with more darker pink combination and lipstick with many swipes!

the last look is 'the fast but not furious' look. lolz, I often do this look whenever I need to rush and only have 5 mins in hand.

Luvshuca cream glitter base & light brown, SANA eyeliner, blush on + lipstick, n Im good to go!

awkay, I think I better off now...I feel rather unproductive lately, and superrrr lazy.... today I got my period -_-" not a wonder...

have a nice weekend everyone!!
God bless!

Saturday, 6 December 2008


Ok, I havent written for so long. Got some real headaches at work T-T anyway, lets not talk abt it...
well, re the title of the blog: what has been decided??
It's been decided that I will follow the online contest held by miss yumeko
ok now dont get shocked...it's only a make up contest lolz (kind of, I dunno what else to call it), basically it requires the participant to do 5 different looks with only 5 different make up items...

honestly Im drolling over the prizes though if I can choose, I will ask to swap the fake nails with something else coz I've got plenty of them *am already dreaming to be the winner* hahaha...hey,that's what you call positive thinking ok!

I know all of my old friends will have their jaws dropped if they find out abt this :P yeah, hana wears make up now people!! ^_________^
ok then, I got 5 days left till the due date, and will start my creation tomorrow!!!err..ok, maybe the day after tomorrow then...


Sunday, 31 August 2008

A Quick Hello

Well, not that that many people read my blog. but I just feel like updating...
Life's been very busy. but all is good :)
Will write more soon!! Maybe when Im in Melbourne..that's when I will finally have some time to sit nicely and quietly, and then think of something to talk abt ...
but for now...this is all for the quick hello :D

Friday, 8 August 2008

visiting around

I made some visits to my fellow xangans friends. sadly most of them have quited blogging some years ago too. I've managed to get a handful that still faithfully blog and have marked their pages. I just hope whoever from my xanga list (however it's unlikely) who stumbles upon my page will mark mine.

It's such a pity that I lost that many friends -_-" we all once so eager to blog, lolz..but I guess blogging is not something everyone will be doing forever, at least not for everyone in the world. I know some awesome individuals who have blogged for years. As for me, I enjoy writing and for me blog is just like a virtual diary. yes yes, I still have my 'actual' diary that I now write every now and then :P I just feel better after pouring my heart into writings as Im not a very good talker. and some things are better kept inside my diary rather than online so stop calling me 'old skool' hehehe...

I have just finished my 2nd catalog, what a relieve. and just for the mood the day, it's all summer and colorful (eventho it's practically summer all year round here)
here's the statement of the mood:
cute eh?I absolutely love it hahaha..I never wear bikini so I'll wear it on my nail HA! what a brilliant idea! and ppl still wonder what I do with my brain? HAHAHA...and just before this one I got into the mood of strikingly sophisticated (I just name my mood with whatever names I feel like), so I get my staff to paint this one on my nails:

Anyways, after a very long break I've gotten back into the mood of having my nails decorated with nail art ^^ after all my customers always ask me why my nails are plain (pls, cant I have a break? hahaha), now it's the time to WOW them again. Sales technique too...lolz..

Ok, gotta bounce now
Laters! :)

Monday, 4 August 2008

the start

I used to actively blog with Xanga. and then I had to stop because I went to China, it was pretty difficult to update and the connection wasnt that great so after 8 months there my blog was deserted. It's pretty sad because Ive made many friends through my old blogs. I've forgotten how did I come to know all of them lolz...

Now, after many years I decided to blog again. it' pretty wierd because I know for a while, the only person who would be active in my blog is myself. but hey...I have to start somewhere huh? anyway... I dont really want to write much today because I got a sudden headache attack (must be the bread that I snacked this afternoon!). So, to defy the myth that monday is a bad day and most people have bad mood on monday, I will peacefully take a quick nap. what day is a bad day when you can have a nap??? such luxury that even some rich ppl cant afford doing...

bye for now