Tuesday, 23 March 2010

One steamy hot night...

During one of those summer hot night... I lost my head over the heat...
and I baked cookies....
hahaha...I know I should have stayed away from the oven but I just thought "whatever...it's hot anyway...and I want some cookies"
So I stayed full awake until 2am and made my healthy dose of cookies ^^
This cookies recipe is my guilt-free indulgence because it contains no flour and no sugar at all. I used ripe bananas for the sweetening agent and also dark chocolate. As for the flour, I substituted it with rolled oats and almond meal.
I usually eat most of the cookies myself ...hubby likes it too but he's not big on cookies and cakes so most of them are MINE.. hahaha...not so healthy after all... -.-"

and here's some random purchase from SASA.. I have been giving alot attention to my hair lately because since I went to Thailand last year I have lost alot of hair and noticed slow re-growth plus major dryness...

DHC vitamins, Essential shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, and kose softymo cleansing oil. All from Japan. I haven't used the essential series because I'm still going on my Kracie shampoo at the moment...

I use hair mask everytime I wash my hair now...and it helps alot with the dryness, eventhough my hair still look dry but it has improved alot. I have used tsubaki hair treatment mask (the red one) before and it works very well...but it's pretty pricey.. so after I saw Kathy from LotusPalace review on this Cosmetex Roland hair mask I got really excited because it's big (300ml) and cheap (USD 7.7 if I remember correctly). After I used it for the first time I fell in love with it...I think it works as well as the tsubaki... I will definetely re-purchase!

Melbourne is not as hot anymore...we've been getting funny variation of hot days, hailings, storms, moderate cloud, and fine days...

How are you guys doing?? hope everyone is well!! :))

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Ron Mueck Exhibit

Hellow everyone...I've been semi MIA lately...aside from work I just feel that I need a little time off blog, for some reasons :)  I hope everyone is doing well.

A while ago I went with a friend to an exhibition of Australian prominent sculptor, Ron Mueck, at the Victorian Art Center. His works were very impressive, so meticulous and detailed, but I do not wish to remain in the same room with his works at night time hahaha.....

I'd love to share some pictures with you :)

note: There are some nudity entails in the artworks, so if you mind please skip this post :)
 Guess whose face is that??

 This one is called "the mask" note the pores and minute beard hair, even the eyelashes look so real

Take a guess??

 Did someone say KFC?

  Human sized chicken

The thinking lady

 One big thinking lady....

These grandmas look as lively as the grandma on the background

Astonishing details ...love how the flabs look so human :D

 Actually the sculpture is mini sized

This one is fantabulous...the proportion of everything is excellent!

One cute big baby, before you say "ugly", we all did look like that when we first came out of our mum's womb hahaha :D

I enjoyed the exhibition very much :) I hope you enjoy the picture too...

Have a nice day everyone!

PS. My cute fellow blogger Diane mentions me in her youtube video, check her youtube channel out! :)