Monday, 14 June 2010

My little hero :) ROHTO Eyedrops!

I haven't been a good blogger I realize *sigh* anyway...

Here's my current fave product.. the little hero who saves when busy and tiring days take tolls on my eyes  :D :D

ROHTO eyedrops!!

It's a japanese brand and I believe alot of people have heard about it. I used contacts alot in the past and as a result of prolonged usage my eyes have been having constant irritation with some scary red bloodshot (on the white area of eyes). I took some months off contacts lens (can't believe I survive those months), and then I stumbled on this little gem in a bottle.
FYI, this is NOT TO BE USED when you are WEARING contacts. I usually use this morning and night, as needed.
Be warned though, first time using it could be quite a shocker. Unlike the previous eyedrops that I have used in the past, this one stings at some first seconds.

Me: *drop to the left eyes*
Hubby: *staring in shock*
Me: *drop to the right eyes*
Me: ARGHHHH it does STING!!!
Hubby: what is that?? a toilet cleaner??

But after a while the stinging sensation subsided and when I looked into the mirror my eyes were abit red, I was disappointed and was having the "maybe this doesn't work on me" forlorn moment. After 10 minutes I went back to the mirror to clean my face and was pleasantly surprised to see my eyes, the bloodshot were all gone and my eyes looked clear and healthy!!
Here's the before and after pictures..

Before (before putting anything, the rim of the white area is red)

After (about 10 minutes later)

Enough said, it's a keeper :) now hubby is a user too, even after calling it "toilet cleaner" -.-"
I read ROHTO has a lycee eyedrops too, I'm abit curious but I am yet to put a lycee into my eyes, so until I can brave the lycee I'm quite happy with this one!!

Have a very good start of the week everyone!!