Wednesday, 28 January 2009

for the lack of update

Hows everyone doing??

I think I will still be very busy until the wedding is offer T-T and that means...I cant update very often (I dont even go online that often anymore)..

anyway, firstly happy belated chinese new year :P

and secondly, thanks for the comment on my sample collection. turned out you all have very good eyes, lolz the blue chopard rings sold first out of the lot hehehe...

and thirdly, beside busy preparing for my wedding, Im also frantically trying to find time to plan for my honeymoon too. the place would be Japan. and me n Hans (my soon to be hub) have decided on the cities: Tokyo (5days), Osaka (3days), Kyoto (2days), then maybe back to tokyo again coz I heard tokyo is huge and so many things to do there.

well, anyone who had visited japan before or have friends from japan who can be of help, pls throw in your suggestion re:
* make up shopping ( this has to be done efficiently since Hans wouldnt want to wait for too long)
*local delicacies/foods/snacks
*a must visit place ( I love small alleys with alot of unique stores, japanese garden, temples, sight seeing)

I think I must consult miss yumeko too !! (and GINAA...pls come to my rescue!! tell me all you know abt japan!)

okay...back to work!
laters everyone! ;)

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

look who's poppin!!

My bro is back from melb and lookie lookie! what he brought for me!! an uber cute piggy bank dressed in harry potter style. I believe if it were to be human witch, she would be hermione lolz.. it's a freebie from an australian bank (ANZ), it's so nice of my bro to still remember one of my childhood obsession (yes ppl, I adore pigs lolz)

and a while ago when I cleaned up my old suitcase I found this piggy doll, it was given by my sister...look how adorable the piggy is...

ok, this is a really random post, Im unable to go anywhere today because we are having a flood...yes here in Jakarta, and no I dont live in an outer rim villages of Jakarta, Im in the north of jakarta...but still we get the flood -_-" the road in front of my house was flooded but just now I checked ( I wanna take pic) the flood was half gone and I can see the road again! YAY!

I've been checkin around blogs, even if I dont post, and Ive seen numbers of ppl getting mad swaps from each other LOLz... I just totally love gift giving ^^" and this swap is getting me drolling so bad know, when you see so many cute stuff swimmin about your computer's screen it's hard not to be excited XD (even when the stuff isnt yours 0.o" haha)

nyway, Im still battling with my guest list. cant believe the hard work entails to it.

but no matter how busy the wedding prep is, daily chores & works still need to be done. I design and trade jewelry (small scale) while operating my salon business.been planning a website to show all of my collection properly, hopefully I can realize the plan mid of this year.

Now ladies, I need your comments. Here's some of my new collections...pls tell me what you think of them :) (all set in 18k white gold with real stones n diamonds). Dont worry, no need to be soft with me, you can bash the designs or the style (as long as you dont bash me lolz), I'd appreciate honest opinions...I plan to make my next catalogue and I just want to know majority's fave so I know which one to go on the first page and which is the least liked...etc...

The topaz affairs...I called this choppard style...there are three little diamonds inside the topaz...ugh, I will need to moisturize my hand!!

As white as my teeth..the pearl is...lolz...

A high crown diamonds setting...

Topaz & Blue Sapphire mix with diamonds pendant

Lil diamond snowflakes on the case (pendant)...

The lucky charm we all love!! ( love XP)

okayyy..that's abt it for this post...hope everyone is well, if you're having one of those blue days just keep your chin up and smile!! stay positive, stay happy!

God bless y'all!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates...Im really caught up in this wedding preparation, im telling you...if I had a choice I would opt for a small party of just close relatives and in asia is not as simple as that -_-" it's like our parents are also getting married all over many stuff need to be considered so both families' wants are properlly and equally catered...

anyway...thats just a blurb of what I do everyday now lolz..
here are some pics of my recent trips...foods are definetely the first thing Im going to miss from Indonesia when I move overseas next year T-T
these are some foods I enjoyed from my last trip to west Java...

the infamous 'serabi' made from coconut, super yummy......:)~~~~~~

another local delicacies, made of flour and banana...this is my childhood faves even until now!

maybe I can call this, indonesian pho? lolz we call it 'soto' here...we always call any food with alot of soups with that name, this one tastes yummy...

and this is how side street meals look like... haha..

this fruit will make some of you shriek in horror and some in joy...

oh, all these pics are making me hungry!! time for dinner!!

g'day ppl!!! :)
God bless