Monday, 26 April 2010

KARMIN review!!

A while ago I won Nikki's sponsored giveaway and the prize is this beautiful KARMIN hair styler pictured on the right...

I have used it several times and it's times to do review on it. I have mentioned how I love the sleek design and the white color... now that I have actually put the tool into action I have some thoughts that I'd love to share with you guys..

I can say overall I love this KARMIN hair styler because it lives up to its promise of super fast heating time..

The Pros are:
  • Heats up real fast, I only use the 180 and 240 heat level, and it heats up in about (if not less than) 10 seconds.
  • The heat last very long before it starts re-heat-ing again.
  • Very lightweight. It's not a problem to carry this on my everyday bag
The Cons are:
  • I wish the ion plate is larger. I know I said I love the sleekness of the tool, but when it comes to using it to straighten hair (I have lots of hair) and make bigger curl, I found it a little bit hard.
But overall I love this product because it saves me lots of time, here's the look of my hair about a week ago, I needed to finish doing my hair & touched up my makeup in about 30-40minutes before we needed to leave the house for a wedding reception. I'm not good with hair as I have said many times before so excuse the messiness :p

Sorry for the bad angle, I took this pic quickly because hubby was already waiting on the door hahaha.. Basically I curled my hair with KARMIN and then arrange it with bobby pins. I really didnt have much time so I kinda did my hair without even looking at it until I finished everything -.-"
Here's the front view...

Didn't have time to finish all of the hair so I just ponny tailed the rest  :p

And here's another look that I created a while ago for a contest, but I chickened out the last minute because I thought I didn't do a good job ^^"

I have another look that I did for another contest too, but I mixed up on the due date and missed the submission date hahaha...will keep that for my next post..lest I have nothing to blog about XD X3

I think I'm ready to go back into bloggingworld!! yay!!
Take care everyone!!


Monday, 12 April 2010

I'm still around..but busier...

Hii lovely bloggers..
I'm still around, but I'm getting a lot busier lately..anyway..just a quick post to say a big HI to everyone...
I wish everyone is doing well and happy...
I will be back blogging very soon ^^
Here's what I made for dinner today, sundooboo chige..

There are some viral/virus going about these past days some of my friends have been getting gastro and flu...the weather changes might be one of the reason...I hope you guys are taking care of yourself :)

Until my next post, stay safe and happy! God bless :)