Sunday, 23 May 2010

My Lumix in Action!!

On my last post, I did say that I will do Zumba review on my next post but decided to postpone it because I wanted to show some pics that I have been snapping with my new Lumix LX3 :D :D
Love love love the color of the results, although I'm yet to master all the features of the camera, I can even take my jewelry's picture with this camera because it captured the details beautifully.

Well, mostly I'm taking pictures of my own cookings LOLz...since I'm not an expert cook, every time I did a successful attempt on a recipe I had to take a picture of the result, just in case my friends don't believe me when I tell them I actually can cook hahaha..

Meuntang (Spicy Fish) :p

Dumplings :)) My fave food to make. Reason: easy to make and to store. I usually make in batch and dump them on the freezer. Great for times when I need a quick meal ;)

Here's what I love to made with my newly acquired food processor. Almond energy balls Lolz don't you love the name? Super easy to make, just a cup of raw almond

6-8 soaked pitted prunes

Throw them all into the food processor and run it for about 3 minutes

Walaaa.... here's the end result :D Healthy nibbles!! I just pop two or three of them to my mouth everytime I want some snacks :D  Next  I wanna make macadamia energy balls!!

Sanma Takikomi Gohan (Japanese style fish rice??Someone help me translating the name pls)

I modify the recipe abit because I don't have all the required ingredients ^^"

Perfect with the dumplings!! :D :D

And I told you I could use the camera to take my jewelry pictures too, here's some of the pictures that were taken with the camera ( I edited the colors a little).

I'm in love with my Lumix LX3  <3 <3  <3 If you're considering this camera I think you should go for it :) I'm very happy with mine

On a side news, I just found out a very heart breaking news re one of my dearest blogger Nehs. My prayers and condolences be with you sister :(((

ps. I noticed some new followers, HIII there!! I will soon visit your blog too!! thanks so much! :)

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

My current fave stuff

One week or so ago I celebrate my 27th birthday, and here's what my husband and friends got me (at my rather obvious hint-full request lolz)

I have had my eyes on it ever since my brother came home with the twin counterpart Leica d-lux4, and since Lumix LX3 is half the Leica price, I want it even more!

Another present that I got is the Breville Multi food processor that I've been wanting too for quite some time. 

I think I'm ready to be a mum. WHY? Because I get excited over a food processor!! @.@"  lolz
cooking is never big in my life, my HS friends would laugh their heads off if they hear me saying "I like cooking" ^^"

So I have been playing with these two things and also accompanying my mum in law who is visiting us, while still trying to juggle things from works.

This might not be a too exciting post, but I am certainly excited over my two new possessions!!
What have you been wanting for a while that you plan to get (or get someone to give you haha) on your birthday?

Next, I think I'm ready to review my Zumba Latin Workout pack :D

Until laters xoxo