Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Holiday = eat more = weight more??

Thanks everyone for the input about the dress. I ended up wearing the pink dress and the butterfly ones, the greenish blue one will be kept for the next wedding^^ and the wedding went very very well, thanks for asking!!

I'm on holiday now as you all might have known, and I think most of us will be having christmas holiday soon, away or not from home. Holiday is always identical with eating more and I often heard people remark "It's holiday, it's okay eat some more" lolz...I think it is justified to gain a few kgs while you're on holiday and then try to sweat them off when you're back to work??
True that during a holiday we should treat ourselves nicely which includes indulging in foods and other relaxing activities. But in terms of food department, I dont really like having to sweat some weights off when Im back from holiday, it's almost like paying my credit card bills hahaha XD
How about enjoying holiday, foods, and not gaining weight?? I do think it's possible :D

Here are some things I always do during holiday to keep my weight at check, it works for me MOST of the time hahaha:

1. I tried to eat healthier fast foods, I opt for home cooked fast foods (we have alot available in Asian countries), who eat mcdonalds on holiday anyway? when my fave foods are fattening ones, like Sweet Martabak or Fried Banana (can't avoid those sometimes ^^"), I tried to eat little each time and spread it during the day or two.

picture: half boiled egg, my fave snacks, I'm tempted to add salts but I opt for pepper instead ^^

2. I try to peek at the kitchen's to see the oil they used to fry the foods (some of the resto have their kitchen at the front of their shop). since asian countries seems to have a shabby standard of what is acceptable in cooking, I tried not to eat at the resto where the cooking oil looks old or as pitch black as my car's oil XD XD
picture: the yummy fried garlic to season the dishes, goes well with almost everything X) i miss this so much!

3. I try to go in bigger groups so we can order more things and share, this way I can eat a little of a lot of variety ^^ or when go alone or in pair, I go for smaller portion.
picture: Duck Beehoon, the famous local dish in Medan (where I am now!YAY!)

4. Avoid peanut sauce where possible, but if I must I take a small amount and substitute the rest with chilli LOLz...some people say chilli makes their appetite  stronger but for me it's all the same since I eat chilli very often.

Do you have any tips to share??

Happy holiday for every one of you!

ps. Does everyone know whether blogspot change their feature for adding people to 'blog updates" list? I tried to add people who followed my blog to my "blog updates" and in the past I was able to simply add them from "the existing follower" tab (rather than putting their url address one by one), but I cant find that magic tab now! @.@"  I hope any of you know what I'm talking about.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Help me choose the dress

Hellow lovely bloggermates ;)

I have a wedding to attend, and just can't be bothered thinking too much about what to please help me picking out the outfit for the day.. ^^

The holy matrimony will be in the morning, and since I'm gonna be reading the opening verses, I was thinking to wear a cardigan with the dress so as not to be too revealing ^^"

This dress is pink in color though it looks almost white in the pic

The reception would be at night, so I think I will change dress...

IF in the morning I'm to wear the pink one, during the dinner I'm thinking to remove the cardigan from this's summer here hence the butterfly hahaha :p

So...which one do you think is better to wear at morning and night of a summer wedding??

Thanks in advance for your opinion ^^

on a very super bright note, Christmas is coming and needless to say it's my most favorite season :) I hope everyone will have a wonderful and safe holiday. And for those who are Christians, a time for reflection and thanksgiving for a wonderful blessings that grace our humble lives...

on another not-less-bright note, I'm leaving to Medan, Bali, and Jakarta for holiday and also attending a couple of relative's weddings. Will try to post once or twice but can't be sure lolz... I will still be reading around please take care everyone!!

*hugs n kisses*