Thursday, 28 January 2010

Once upon seeing a gecko...

It's a fact that I'm a gecko-phobia... Don't tell me it's a harmless, nice, and friendly animal because I had to visit a hospital once because of it, hence it's a very harmful creature. -.-' did it all happen?

It happened couple of years ago when I visited my grandma & cousins in my hometown in Central Java, a small lovely city called Solo.  One fine-but-soon-not-so-fine-anymore day of the holiday, I was in a bathroom washing my hands on the sink, when one of my younger cousins suddenly told me there was a gecko in the corner of the room. I spurned my head immediately to locate the monstrous beast and judging the distance between us. After seeing that the distance was pretty safe I went back on my washing-hand activity.

Then my cousin tried to tease me and yelled, "Watch out! the gecko is running towards you!!"

Me being paranoid, quickly forgotten that there was a safe 3 meters distance between me and the beast, I turned my body quickly and run outside the bathroom. When I realized my cousin was just playing, I went back to the sink because I haven't finished washing my hand. Then I bent to the sink ..... AND my back SNAPPED (ok, no sound, but I FELT it) and I experienced the most excruciating pain that made me slump on the floor, my feet were like jellies and couldn't support my upper body. I couldn't say a single thing but my face must had been as white as a sheet of paper because my cousins screamed in horror.

Cut the drama short, the pain intensified every passing minutes, I had to lay tummy down on the bed  and couldn't move for hours. Don't ask how I did my toilet business, I'm sure it's best to keep it to myself and a few people who helped me T.T"

My grandma was so scared she insisted me to go to a hospital and get an x-ray for my back. So my cousins called an ambulance and off we go to the hospital. OH MY OH MY, I have never been in an ambulance all my life and the ambulance in that city is nowhere near decent. What a bumpy and painful ride *cringe*

And of course, being a small city where everybody knows everybody (and everybody talks about everybody), when we were in the hospital my cousins met two different friends who asked immediately what happen, and just imagine the laugh when they learnt the reason behind the urgent visit to ICU X( XP I felt like running out of the room (HA, like I can)...

Well, I left home after the x-ray result was out (nothing's broken), but the rest of the holiday wasn't that pleasant because I'm bed-ridden for the next 4 days. When I went to chuch later on (after my back healed) few more strangers (cousins' friends of course) greeted me with, "So this is the cousin who got into a hospital because of a gecko?"

That's probably and hopefully the only holiday that went awry XD  It was a good story to tell now hahaha...we still have a good laugh every time we talk about it ^^"

Arghh but I can't get over my phobia, no matter how hard I tried. My worst nightmare was the one with giant gecko wearing pajamas and trying to say hello to me. GAH! *shudders*

Any tips??? :p or do you have similar story?? do tell!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Head over Heels

Who loves wearing high heels/killer heels/sexy heels??I think most women would jump with hands high in the air upon hearing that question, while some would shrink back (like me for example...hahaha)
A social interview once revealed that many of the interviewed women said they will keep wearing high heels despite the fact that it's painful and uncomfortable for them.
I don't mean to invoke any undue wrath for you high heels supporters, I do wear the pointy stuff that elevate us from the ground, in fact the pics that I got here are some of my own collection XD. But we all also know the health-disadvantage of wearing high heels daily for a long period of time.

I'm not a big fan of high heels to begin with, it took me a long time to be able to balance myself on a pair of high heels (except for stiletto, that's pretty much a lost case). 
I do admit that we women need high heels on some important occasion like:

1. To compliment a long party gown (unless you are blessed with long legs and tall body that permits you to wear flats to party, arghh so lucky!)

2. When height is needed. eg. when wearing the maxi dress, because you don't want to literally be head over heels stumbling on your dress

2. Going on an important date on a beautiful restaurant that requires you to dress up, or else you will bring shame to your partner :p

Here's what I usually do when wearing high heels:

1. I try not to wear high heels when walking on the street because the concrete makes it hurts double I'd rather walk bare-feet

2. If I need to wear high heels on the destination, I bring flip flops to wear while walking on the street and then change when I got there

3. Try not to wear high heels the whole day

4. Trying to go for medium heels, platform, and choosing the most comfortable ones (if possible)

The good side of these practices is my high heels tend to last for a very looooonger time (I just broke my 6 years old rotelli high heels).... the bad side is of course I can't but those pretty new release high heels while I still have mine perfectly untouched (or can I??)

What about you?? Do you wear high heels alot? or are you a fan of flats? For my guy readers, do you think high heels compliment the looks or makes someone look sexier?

ANd for you fellow Australians, HAPPY OZ DAY!!! :D

Thursday, 21 January 2010

TaGS & awards?

I got mentioned as one of the top 100 awesome bloggers (or something like that) by Shierly from notefromthetoothfairy, thanks very much Shirly! I never thought that my blog is that awesome, it's very nice of you. and also she tags me on 10 honest facts list. So Im going to do it now :D sorry it took so long, I was away on holiday at that time :)

1. I'm easy to get annoyed, and unfortunately I'm a bad actor so I can't really hide it.
2. I love everything about chocolate.
3. I sleep like a log, a pig, a slab of concrete, you name long as it represents something that stays put on bed and not moving for at least a good 8-10 hours then that's me :D
4. I'm afraid of gecko, or any lizard family... I got into a hospital once because of that beast...I'll tell more about it another time :p
5. If I have to choose style or comfort, I go for comfort ^^
6. I'm a sucker of anything health-promoting; anything that is beneficial for health, be it food, sports, or other things XD
7. I'm not a good cook, for a mom and in laws are such good cooks I feel I'm fading away in comparison with them. Well, it wasnt a big deal before I got married, but now I realize the importance of pleasing the loved ones through foods hahaha
8. When going clothes-shopping, I'm so lazy to try on the clothes, pants, or whatever XD I like shopping but I hate the trying-it-on part
9. Once my hubby criticized me about my foods and I went on a strike for two days. Ladies, please don't follow my lead hahaha...but then again, I'm sure most of your cooking levels are above mine ^^"
10. I like travelling!! but if I can choose, then I want to go to cold places... :p

And Fifi from prettymuchmakeup also mentioned me on blogs-that-I-read-frequently. thanks so much girl

I honestly read almost all of my followers' blog update (if they update of course), I do have some problem getting my followers' blog up on my left sidebar (the blog updates area), so sometimes I need to go through the list from the dashboard to check on the updates.

Thanks Shirly and Fifi for your tag and award.

on random note: I ate a huge bowl of black cherries yesterday, maybe closer to a kilo?? @.@ not sure...but when I saw myself in a mirror I got this nice dark purple shade on my lips lolz...and it stays on pretty long too!! nature's color is the best!! But then it takes almost 1kg of cherries to give me that shade, and 1kg of black cherries is like $14. uhm...I'll stick to lipstick and its kin then ^^"

Until next post bloggers!! take care and have a nice day!!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Back from holiday!!!

Helloww all!!
Im back from my long long holiday, it's true that the longer the holiday the harder it is to get yourself back in the normal working mode XD lolz
How is everyone doing? I miss blogging and of course I miss reading all of your blogs!!

Anyway, when I got back to the house I was greeted by two lovely parcels.
one is from Nikki sponsored giveaway which contains the limited edition of KARMIN professional hair styling! can't wait to try this on my hair :D thank you Nikki and Karmin people!!

LOVE the color and the lightness of this KARMIN hair styler, according to the instruction I can create curl, messy wave, and straighten hair with this one product. Will try it soon, though I'm not so good with playing with my hair I hope this will help me to put more accent to my hair ;)

And another parcel from Mai giveaway. How is it to come back from holiday feeling refreshed and find so many goodies waiting for me??? SUPER DUPER REFRESHING! Mai, thanks so much, I've been wanting to try more of the Elf products, love everything you sent me, and the earrings are just gorgeous!!

Ok, so while I was away, I got tag by Shirley and Fifi, two of the coolest blogger I love to stalk ;) thanks so much for the tag and awards, I feel so honoured, and so bad at the same time because it takes me so long to do it...and I cant do it now too because I still have to unpack my suitcase and chasing up on work-related emails. But girlies, you know I heart you!! :)

I will be back blogging soonish!! lolz...dunno how soon, but as soon as I get a hang around the house and work stuff :D I will be back stalking all of your blogs again!! ^^

Have a good day everyone!!