Friday, 29 May 2009

Bikram Yoga!!

Good news girlies!!
My laptop is back sound and cleared off the annoying spyware *yippiee* But I lost most of the programs so I need to do some major installing later..

Anyway, during the eventful spyware attack since last week, I've been doing something new: B I K R A M yoga ^__^ actually this is not my first time doing yoga, but in term of doin yoga in a room with a minimum temperature of 39C (abt 102F), this is my very first experience :D . On my first class, I kept picturing a suckling pig gasping for breath (that's myself) in an oven. IT IS so HOT!! it's like summer on its peak, plus massive muscles works! I sweat super easily, and at the end of every class, I look like just stepping out of shower, only it's not water XP

here's the 26poses to do in every class

I can not do many of the poses perfectly haha, so inflexible :P but it's alot of fun, although I must admit the class is pretty tough. I always get an impulsive drive to get up and run from the room during my first few classes XD but thanks to God, human body is the most resilient thing and our muscles are unbelievably springy, after each class I can feel I'm a tiny bit more flexible than before lolz...
Im goin to Bangkok soon and was so happy because they have bikram yoga studio near where Im going to stay, and the PRICE there *eyes sparkling* month membership fee here can pay for 4 months of bangkok's class!!
have any of you tried bikram yoga before??
What do you think??

So after a class yesterday I went for a dinner with my buddy, and we ate at pancake parlour... here's what we had...

Cheese Kransky with eggs, pancakes & cream cheese

Beef Creepes with cheese, salad and tomato sauce (cant really see the crepes, it's bellow the greens) hahaha)

Apple Pancake

I just finished a yoga class, my friend just finished her gym session, so we were starving and ended up ordering too much hahaha.... we couldnt finish the dessert X(( I hate wasting food!!

and Im currently reading:
I love science fiction & fantasy. IMO this book is veryyy good!! Im scrambling all over the internet to get the rest of the riftwar saga

allright ladies, need to run to the kitchen to make dinner before hubby is home :D

have a nice weekend everyone!!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Contest entry ^^

I got a news of miss naomi contest from my dearest Izumi and since I did a purple look about two weeks ago I decided to enter the contest. My laptop is still sick, so I run and borrow my friend's computer, and I better be quick.. :P XD

how is everyone doing?I still read around blogs using my mobile phone but sometimes I cant comment (dunno why), my last entry was done via my mobile phone...It's really hard because I keep pushing the wrong buttons and links, anyway, I hope my laptop gets back real soon! It's hard to do things online on a small mobile phone :P

so here's the entry:
Face: -Freshel UV cut milk
- MM Pressed foundation
Eyes: - Luvshuca palette PU2
-WIND UP eyepencil
-CEZANE eyeliner (black)
-FASIO shock-free mascara
Cheek:YOJIYA blush on
Lips:Estee Lauder pure pops

Okaaay, need to give this computer back to its rightful owner!! have a great weekend everyone!!


Friday, 22 May 2009

spyware attack T.T

Apologies for not visiting or commenting around as much as my dear lappy is suffering a spyware attack and needs to be reformatted.
All left is (thankfully I still have) internet from my mobile.but in term of blogging it's sorely limited - can't comment on some ppl's blog,
Can't use the 'follow' feature, can't see full pages, and some more.
I hope my laptop will be around mid of nxt week,meanwhile I'll have to make do with this mini-screen internet access.. Hehe..
Have a good weekend everyone!!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

My Sale Blog & Headache

The cleaning progress so far: still working on 1 box, I got distracted alot over the weekend.. ^^" N I N E boxes to go...

Sale blog: please visit my sale blog here, I decided to list most of my brand new accessories there..

Headache: Been trying to do a 3column blog like everyone else's cool blogs -_-" Im ready to scream now...can someone throw a suggestion or two...

Im so tired...will hit the sack now....gnite all -_- ZZzzZZzzz

Thursday, 14 May 2009

My first award! :D n what I've been doing

Here's my first award from Adin :D Thanks so much dear :)))

I think most of people in my list have been tagged by someone else, ...anyway...I'll follow the rules and tag KohLepe, Kathi, Yumeko, Mona, Miss Tia, Junista, Yoli, Diane, Mz Linhzz, and Nikki...

and....what I have been doing for the past one month since I arrived from Japan is...sorting out my whole stuff. I used to study and work in Melbourne for a total of 6 years, and during that period I accumulated (Like any normal girl would hehe..) tons and tons of things. When I went back to Indonesia for 3 years I put them all in 15 enormous boxes (and gave many away) and borrowed my brother's garage to deposit them all. Now Im back in Melbourne and it's time to unpack those boxes because my brother needs the spaces back lolz...
I have opened 5boxes and last sunday me and couple of friends opened a stall in a flea market, mostly selling our used clothes. Some of the stuff that are still good have gone to ebay since a month ago and until now (ID:hanyanghan).
well, during my labour on one of the boxes, I found three bags of accessories and stuff that are still brand new!! I feel very bad abt this, how come I have so many new things and forget about them??? -_-"" I have weakness for accessories, you name it: bags, belts, beanies, earrings, bracelets, beads.... I have so many of them already that I haven't bought any new ones for the past one year (that's a stunning record!!for me anyway ^^")... and now I found bags of new ones?? Ooopsie...

10 boxes to go..... T E N .... and Im tired already T-T...Im thinking of setting up another blog seling those new & un-used accessories of mine...but I'll better deal witht the other boxes first.....who knows there are still some new bags of un-used goodies 0.O" hahaha oh dear...

Have a good day everyone ^^ me back to cleaning and sorting...

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Happy mother's day & more posts

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to ALL mothers out there!! :)) in Indonesia we have different date for monther's day, its on dec 22th but yeah...I think mums deserve a mother day every single day of their life :D

and....Im getting older by a year last week...

count your blessings not your worries (and wrinkles) LOlz..hubby brought this in in the morning when I was still asleep...and Im not four years old, he just was in a such hurry that he only had time to stick four candles up ahahah...

After sometime using LUSH products, here's a list of products that I will re-purchase in the future. Surprisingly, while alot of people are in love with lush soap & bath products, that is not the case for me. Maybe because Im not a bath person (but I do still take shower everyday so please dont run away), that they failed to WOW me, or maybe I havent tried enough products to give any comments.... either way I dont think I will buy any of them anymore. On the other hand, I love their creamy yummy products..

*Celestial facial moisturizer (pls see the pic from previous posts, since all LUSH packaging is all the same, as long as you know the name you're safe): I have a normal skin that tends to get dry in the winter and oily in the summer (now thats convenient)..however even during winter Celestial is still too heavy for my skin if applied too sparingly. so a little dab is all I need to use on face and for my skin, it works a treat :) I wont be able to finish the whole pot before the exp date so Im dragging my hubby to use it too hahaha..

*Charity pot body lotion: Nice body cream!! skin feels smooth after application and it actually sips into the skin (some lotion dont and when I wash my body the next day my skin is slimmy,which I assume means the lotion just stay on the surface or not thoroughly absorbed)

*Enchanted eyecream: it's not gonna get rid of dark circle (I appreciate the SA honesty) and too be honest I dont look for an eyecream with that function at the first place because I believe dark circle gets better with enough beauty sleep and detox (ie sports, not too much free-radical stuff), and on some other cases it stays there no matter what good you have done to your body. anyway this cream solves the dryness around my eye's area and seein the ingredients, which mostly are natural, makes me feel safe knowing I feed my skin with more of natures...

*Ocean Salt Scrub: could be too rough for sensitive skins but otherwise I love it. smells nice, works well, can be used for other body parts as well, just remember to rub it gently when used on face..

I went out with the girls on last friday night before a sleep-over, and I did this look

and just a quick question, has anyone ever use this FASIO shock-free mascara in the picture??is it suppose to be SUPER HARD to remove? like SUPER DUPER hard?? on the contrary to its name, it is a shock-full mascara for me...
Ive used waterproof mascara many times before and never had problem removing them with a proper eye make-up remover. but this FASIO...omigosh...I thought I will take all my eyelashes off if I want to wipe them all clean...and since I still want my eyelashes I gave up after many hurtful attempts that I should not do to my eyes T-T...and now Im afraid of using them again...

and some snacks to wrap up today's blog ^_^
have a wonderful one everyone! God bless!