Tuesday, 23 June 2009

In Jakarta!!!

Helloooo all!! *hugs hugs hugs*
I'm in Jakarta now!! just a quick hello from me and to let you all know I miss reading around your blogs!! hows everyone doing??
Here's someone whom I went straight to when I reached home last night

Everyone...say hello to Beverly!! my 7th months old niece :D she's my sister's little angel who can be quite a monster too sometimes hahaha but I luv her so much!

and now Im heading straight to have a full body treatment (about time I must say!! Im itching for a good facial, hair cut, and spa). And best of all, it's free hahaha...because Im heading for my mum's beauty centre ^__^

I will post again this week. not sure when because there are already tons of things to do and list of people to see. I'm so happy to see my parents and siblings...I almost wish I could live here again for good (if not for my dear husband who's waiting in Melbourne)

Take care my ladies!!

Monday, 15 June 2009

My Sunday on a Design Market

I went to design market on sunday with my husband. It was my first time going to one, and I love it, I saw so many unique and inspiring pieces. Everything is handmade!! :D too bad I cant take too many pics as there were many people and I didnt want the stall holder thinking I was stealing their designs or something like that coz I did snap a pic and the stall owner was suddenly so keen on watching my every move -_-"
I was only armed with my mobile phone so pardon the quality.

The design market is held twice a year, at the federation square (the first floor) underground carpark. I knew this from a friend. My friend told me it always get around by words of mouth.
And also, they have weekly book market at the upper level! :) I visited the book market and snatched myself two books from jane austeen. I have to stock up for my bangkok stay! lolz

After that we went to have some churros at san churros, QV. no pics of the churos sorry, but here is what we have for drinks. hot & cold chocolate, basically it's a hot chocolate topped with ice cream :P the ice cream soon vanished of course (due to the heat and my mouth hahaha). It was quite yummy plus... it's cold outside

then after that yummy sweets we went to church for sunday service :) the topic was about alcohol addiction and how to overcome the addiction. It was very interesting eventhough I dont have problem in that area, but it's good to remember that sometimes we do need help to quit something, and nothing to be ashamed about it. Me and my sister do check on each other on our spending habit hahaha. you know, a girl could become quite addicted to shopping and it sometime is quite harmful (to our wallet especially and sometimes it gives a reason for an argument with my hubby), beside... it's not always right to buy on impulse. so yeah, that's what I need to control of myself *grin* it's getting much better now ^_^

On the other hand, I will be leaving Melbourne in a couple of days, so I think this would be my last post until I reach Jakarta. I think I would be able to post in Jakarta, got a contest or two that I need to blog on, but not so sure what's gonna happen once I get to Bangkok. Last time I was there, I had to frequent an Internet cafe because I couldnt get a connection in my apartment building. So girls, if Im becoming abit slow in visiting around your blogs please excuse me, but I will do my best!!

Until then, pls take care of yourself!!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

My Comfort Drink & Quick review

Most of us has her/his own comfort food, a typical food that would fix your bad hair day, makes you feel alot better after a plane flight, or simply could calm your mood when you feel like screaming your head off. well, today it's not abt my comfort food, but it's about my comfort drink hehehe..but the definition is slightly different, because I only reach this comfort drink when I feel Im in the verge of getting sick or need a boost in my immune system^^ I always feel better after I drink it!!

my Comfort Drink is so simple, Ginger boiled water!! :D I know few people are fond of ginger because of its strong taste and smell (sometimes). But it's really helpful and proven in combatting sore throat, flu, cold, stiff joint, and general body sickness. and so easy to made too, this is my dad's fave drink and Ive came to love it too! :D

here's how to make it :D you will need:

Ginger of course :D find one at least as big as your own hand (except if you have super tiny hand, then double it), if it's bigger than your hand then it's better.Peel off, sliced into big chunks, and smash it until it roughly look like the pic above

Cloves bud!! You can get this at chinese grocery or from your neighbour, since you only need a tiny bit

4 glass of water, and put everything else in. Cover it! Medium cook, wait until the water boils, open the lid, and leave it until the water boils again. takes about 15mins. There would be only abt half of water left by this time.

When you pour in a glass, you can see the water has a slight colour. Put brown sugar/palm sugar/honey if you cant take the strong taste. My fave is honey, because honey is good for health and skin!! :D

Since ginger is a natural products, Ive never heard of any allergic reaction to it, but I might be wrong :D if you feel your throat burns in exotic hotness when you first attempt to drink it, rest assured it's normal, just add more honey hehehe...

And just a quick review of this L'occatine product that I recently bought, while other products by this brand are wonderful I must say this one fails to impress me. the milk cleanser that claims to gently remove all make up (incl. eye areas) didnt do what it promises. After first wash, I could still see, particularly in eyes area, the traces of my concealer. so I did a second wash, only to find it's still there -_-"""
I need to wash again with my shiseido perfect whip to get rid of the oil residue and whatever left....
I dont think I'll buy again :(((( I had high hopes on this product so Im pretty dissapointed.
It's probably good for sensitive skin because it's very gentle (to the point that it has difficulty removing make ups lolz). I think I will use this when Im in Bangkok, coz I will wear less makeup there due to the weather

OKies...thats all for today. have a nice day everyone!! :D

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Award, Tag & Blogsale directory!!

I got an award and tagged by the lovely Kaz so here goes:

I think everyone else got tagged already... XD Im always the last haha..

and the other is Where I Blog? tag... and here's really where I blog lolz...Well, since the place that I currently live in is not a permanent place (belong to someone who generously let us use the place while she's away), I dont like to disturb her desk really, so I just sit down and blog at wherever :p usually at the bed, but today on floor lolz..

What are you wearing right now?
a yellow sweater and jeans

What's the last thing you've read / are currently reading?
Silverthorn by Raymond E Feist

Do you nap a lot?
I used to. but since I began to work I lost that habit :P

Who was the last person you hugged?
my husband

What's your current obsession / addiction?
make up and gemstones

What's for dinner?
Dumplings and noodles??havent really decided since we probably eat out today with my brother :D

What was the last thing you bought?
Groceries from the market for the next 1.5weeks food supplies

What are you listening to right now?
Harold-Universal Love - it's a Christian song :D

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
reading minds

What is your favorite weather & why?
Cool and sunny!! So it's nice enough to walk out and still put one some styles on the clothes

What time do you usually wake up?
hahahaha...well, for the past 1 months my body clock has turned upside down, I slept at 3am and wake up at 10am. I gotta get my normal schedule back X(

What is your most challenging goal right now?
Finishing my gemology diploma

Say something to the person who tagged you.
Kaz: a cutie with a hint of cheekiness :D love you hun!

If you could have a house anywhere in the world totally paid for & fully-furnished, where would it be?
Tokyo, in Ginza preferably. so when I need money I can sell it fast and quick LOLZ

Favorite vacation spot?
Any place with cold weather :D and lots to see

Favorite item of clothing?
Sweats, jeans, shirts, baggy pants

Favorite pair of shoes you keep going back to even though your closet is overflowing w/ a zillion others
Flats/kitten heels/sneakers

Name one thing you can't live w/o
My mobile phone

Where would you want to wake up tomorrow morning?
At home! back home!

& now I tag:




Err...I know this tag has been around for a while...and almost all ppl on my list got tagged already, maybe even the ones that I tag already got tagged before -_-" I told you, Im soo last on this kind of thing lolz...anyways..

there's other important thing that I need to mention, and that is the creation of the BLOGSALE Directory!! Remember on my previous 2 or 3 post I wrote that someone should start creating a blog dedicated solely to blogsale and contest that are currently on? finally someone takes the time to do it :D thanks msKalila !!
CHECK it out. there are already impressive lists being posted :D

Ok guys, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. and some of you who had experienced bad days, please keep your chin up!


Monday, 8 June 2009


It's like 5am in the morning and Im still not fully awake, but 15mins ago I reached out to my mobile phone (just like I always do when I randomly stirred from sleep) to check whether I have any incoming emails and I got email from miss joan akan SIMPLY NEE saying I won her contest... I didnt even know she already anounced the winner, I checked her blog but I didnt scroll down so I didnt know there was entry announcing the winner!!

and Im so happy I couldnt sleep anymore :0~~~~

Shout out to Joan, thanks soooooooooo muchhhhhh darling!!!!!! I dont normally win something like this thats why Im super happy plus the gifts are sooo CUTE (lots of hello kitty stuff)!!

Ok...that's all, I mean to do a post today or tomorrow but Im just so excited *grin* maybe now my face looks like this
ok let's try to catch some sleep again ^^"

ps. Thanks so much for the lovely comments on my last post ladies *hugs everyone* it was my first attempt drawing my face lolz..yet you are all so kind with words of encouragement!!

UPDATED: Sarah has just emailed me to check on her blog. and I was so speechless to find out that I won 2nd place on her contest :0~~~~ WWWOOOOOOOWWWWW...this is unreal.. hahahaha. to be honest I didnt expect to win at all because all the entries are just wayyy too awesome!!!Now I really will sport that look above all day today! :D hahaha..
Sarah!! thanks for the contest!!! it was a super fun one!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Disney contest entry & more giveaways!!

So, I decided on the very last minute t join Sarah's Disney contest... this is a really fun contest coz I got to do something that I havent done before lolz...here's the inspiration, Lilo & Stich but since Stich wasnt feeling very well, only Lilo showed up hehehe..The thing is, Lilo doesnt wear make up! her face is plain cute little girl face lolz so Im pretty bummed for a while because I dunno how to do her look...at the end here's what I did

I figured out that the grown up Lilo might soon start learn how to do abit of make up & then perm her hair lolz..nyway, doin this was quite fun... I dont have a professional palette (where they have 20 or more colours) so I used almost all of my mini palettes ^^"


please click here for Narita's giveaway!! she generously gives away 3 mac items for 3 winners!!

AND still..
another giveaways from CherrieLattern but please note you have to follow both the main blog and her crystal shop blog.

Seriously, all these contests are addictive...

Ok...to the kitchen...lunch time!! ^__^

Monday, 1 June 2009

Contest Season!! & mini L'occitane haul

There are soooo many contests at the moment (aside from blog sale ahaha) I really thought we should make one blog dedicated to list all the contests and blog sales that are on!!

anyway, here's double entry for two contests:

First is Maayari giveaway!!
  1. You must be a follower - international readers are welcome! Note: I need to see that you're actually following my blog, so if your profile is private or you're following anonymously, I cannot accept your entry.
  2. Mention my giveaway on your blog, and provide the link in your comment
  3. Tell me which giveaway pack you'd want to win more - Pack 1 or Pack 2
  4. Leave only 1 comment to enter - multiple comments will not increase your chances of winning
  5. Your comment must be recieved by 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, June 4
Ok, so what are you waiting for? hit the link and join the fun!! :D

Second one is Simply Nee and the following rules apply:
-you must answer my question on this same post
- you must be a follower
- you must reblog this post & link it
- contest closes on June 5, 2009 midnight (plenty of time for you to join and me to make your prizes fab)

So...click click, get the mouse working! :D

and I'm running out of shampoo so I went to my nearest L'occitane store and bought some stuff, they are currently having 50% discount on selected items ;)
I'm currently doing 10 project pan, but these items are not make up and I need them!! so, am I excused?? *pleading puppy eyes* hehehe

Here are the shampoo & conditioner, I've never tried them before, my hair is abit of a mess at the moment so I'd love to see how these products come to the rescue :P (next to buy is a product called ojan or sumthing...-_-" need to check sarah's blog)

Im still goin green! hehehe..finally convinced my hubby to give up liquid soap and go for the old-school bar soap hehehe...they're olive soap, Im sure they're yummy on the skin

and make up remover (including eyes area) cant wait to try this one! :D

Some samples to try

Other than that, I'm still doing my boxes hahaha...no surprise there, but I'm so absorbed in reading the magician there have been little progress with the boxes ^^"

Until next post! Stay happy!! :)