Saturday, 20 February 2010

Zumba-ing & Lovepack from Sarah!!

Some of you who read my blog posts might know that I'm into anything that is health-related, be it health food, fitness, organic foods, yoga, pilates..bla bla... well, I found an interesting exercise a couple of weeks's called ZUMBA dance workout...

What I love about this exercise is that it involves dancing, and since I love dancing, this suits me very well. The dance steps are Latin, Reggae, and a bit of hip hop. I have only been using it for 1 week, and have only done the basic and express work out, so far I'm loving it!! :D XD can't wait for my next dance. I guess the best part is it tricks me into working out lolz. You know how it feels when you're trying to drag yourself out to the gym, all the times it takes to prepare the bags, the walks/drive to the place, and so on... with Zumba, I can do it alone at home, or together with friends (planning to) lolz

Anyway, if you enjoy dancing, I would recommend you this workout series, as it's fun and it teaches you the basic steps so you don't have to quality for "dancing with the stars" to do ZUMBA. I will do a review after 1-2 months doing this exercises.

And a couple of days ago, I receive a lovepack from Sarah, one of my fave bloggers (she's having a very fun contest, so check her blog out and join!)!! She can read my mind so the box is full of pink stuff!!! Thanks so much Sarah!! I love everything!!! well, the hubby loves the chocolate since it's the first thing that he took when the package arrives (hence the absence from the pic)

Aren't they all pretty!!??!! I got another mascara (just when I'm in the need of a backup), a super duper nice (look-wise and usage-wise) pen, cute bows, a nail polish, a lipgloss, a bubble bath, and a tube of hand balm. Thanks so much again Sarah! :D love yaaaa.. X3

Take care everyone & have a nice weekend! :)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Fighting the heat

It's summer down here and I'm being stricken with the merciless heat for a few days now.... 34 celcius... and the heat is hurting my skin, I'm serious..... there is real problem with the ozone layer here in Australia, I never experienced a more hurting heat elsewhere T.T

For your info I prefer cold to hot places, maybe this preference stems from living most of my life in tropical country, human can only sweat so much you know......

It's too hot now, even inside my house, my portable aircon isn't very supportive either, which left me with only my creativity to defend my hot self.

So, what to do during intense summer heat when you cant turn to aircon for help?

1. Turn all the lamps off, while saving the earth you also save yourself from some heat, killing two birds with one stone, that's what I'm talking about lolz

2. Minimize movement. Still, don't forget to breathe..

3. Eatting/drinking cold things, like ice cream, ice coffee, and for good alternatives chilled fruits, fruit juice or yogurt

4. Open the freezer section of the fridge and dip your head into it for a couple of minutes hahaha I really do it...seriously... :p

5. Think about cold places, hahaha ok...better stop, I started to sound desperate..........

Any other tips??

Hope you all have a nice day!! keep smiling and loving! ^^