Saturday, 18 July 2009

My Prewed Video ^_^

A couple of days ago I received my wedding & pre-wedding video from my videographer, so happy that they are finally finalized. Here's the web version of my pre-wedding video (FYI, couple in Asia love to do pre-wedding things, it's like a must do lolz). My pre-wed video basically tells about our daily activities during our relationship :D I'm not trying to be so full of myself XD but i really likey the video (it was played during our wedding reception). I hope you all enjoy it!

Hans and Hana: Wedding Story from Kurioz Media Production on Vimeo.

on the gloomer note: the bombing news in Jakarta was shocking and also very sad -_-" my thoughts and prayers go for the victims and their families.

and on my study: the subject that Im doing now is seriously the hardest, I work my pretty behind (hahaha) very hard everyday -_-" and the stuff are not that entertaining sometimes. more pics on the next post

Friday, 10 July 2009

What I've been doin & long overdue tags!! here's what I've been trying to do this week:
1. Getting the internet connected in my room
2. Catching up with study
3. Calling some friends
4. Taking hubby around on foods tour & spending time with him :)

the last one make no. 2 a little hard to do lolz :P I have a mini quiz on monday so better do some work over the wkend.
Now the internet is working, but it's a sad dial up modem that keeps disconnecting itself every couple of minutes T-T well, it's still better than nothing though so please understand if from now on my posts will be super effective and shorter lolz...
here's the foods, there are loads more pics, but those are for later ;)

and apologize for the lovelies who have tagged me long long time ago, ares, meizi and blair. Sorry if i dont follow the rules properly but with this kind of internet speed,it's hard to do things the way I want or should -_-" no kidding...lolz..but I do appreciate your awards and tags, make me feel special :) *huggies* I know I've been semi MIA and I might forget someone who tagged me before, if I do Im really sorry please let me know and I will do your tag asap! Promise!!
and Ares dear, I've done your tag some times ago, here if you're interested ;)

ok that's all for now, I shall try to take a snap or two of the beautiful stones I saw here :D

To every one of you beautiful lady who read this, stay safe, happy and healthy, God bless xoxo

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Sawadika from the land of pad thai!!

Hi all gorgeous ladies out there!!
Thanks to God I have landed safely in Bangkok and met my husband here (although we had a difficulty to find each other in the airport lolz).
I'm working on the internet connection here, and as soon as I get it up and running in my own room I will do an update :)
Meanwhile I'm quite happy today to get the internet working on my mobile evethough when it comes to blogging,it's very limited.
Bangkok has been raining since I arrived two days ago.The class is challenging but I'm the only one wearing skirt there lolz but all is good.
I will be reading around your blogs again,been missing it too much.
I hope everyone is doing well :)