Monday, 15 December 2008

my first tag too!!

Ok, Im tagged by miumiu and here's what I have to do..

once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog. you can’t tag the person who tagged you.

ok, so here goes:
1. Im a night person. I cant go to sleep before 11pm and often go beyond midnight.not a good habit I know -_-"
2. I eat ALOT. like ALOT that it scares ppl sometimes...
3. I love chocolate. every kind of it!! and cakes!!
4. I know make up after I graduated from university XD
5. I like to just stay home and do my own things rather than go clubbing hehehe
6. I hate new year. I usually sleep before 9am on new year eve
7. Im getting married next year and cant believe how much stuff need to be taken care of just for one day lolz
8. I love BOOKS. I can just read read and read the whole day. and I finished that mad thick harry potter in 3 days
9. I like to read but due to too many books around, I only read what's recommended to me or the best sellings books
10. I love drawings. esp cute japanese comics
11. I love cuteness. Japan is my next destination!!!! land of cuteness wohooo..
12. I dont drive. But I will drive when I move to Melbourne next year
13. Im on the way of earning my AG (accredited gemology) diploma. hopefully next year ^^
14. Im not very patient but I love doing crafts. and I can be very patient when it comes to doing nails
15. I sleep like a pig. I can sleep very long 12 hours...
16. when I dress. Im not a brand minded girl. I rather have many unique pieces that I can mix & match according to my mood. but when I dont feel like it, Im trusting my dear tee n jeans.

Ok, I seriously dunno who to tag coz everyone in my blog list has been tagged by someone else T-T so Im tagging everyone who reads my blog and hasnt been tagged before. "You're it!!"

also, yesterday I went to shop for my wedding needs. and being a naughty girl I ended up buying things that I didnt plan.
All I planned to get is just a simple cardigan, but the shop has too many things I ended up with 7 pieces of clothes!!!can you say madness.... -_-"

I's 8 pieces people -_-" I got them all for less than $50 hehehehe... it's all brand new, all made locally..did I mention Im so good at bargaining?lolz

happy mondays!!!
may you all have a good start of the week :)
God bless!!


melly said...

thanks for the comment. you got an interesting blog too =)

great bargain right there! i love the plaid shirt, lolz.

MiuMiu said...

Hey Rentata,
I've heard of the cookies pudding and tea, but music?? haha that's sooo unnecessary.
They are quite expensive, I said to myself I would only buy them if I went to Hong Kong or if I was desperate enough, to order them online. It's cheaper than buying it in Canada at least XD
Do you make pre-made nails as well?
8 pieces of clothing isn't THAT bad hahaha, i'm sure it could have been worse if there were bigger sales.
Wow! Congrats on your wedding! You must be having headaches from all the planning XD

yumeko said...

your style is gorgeous, i love it

also congrats in advance on getting married

come to japan for a honeymoon? i hope so!

yumeko said...

oh and i have heard of elizabeth but not tried, will pick some up to try it!

Mzz. Linhh said...

My playlist is on shuffle so I have no idea which one you would be referring to but if you'd like, I'll give you the entire list, it's pretty short since I just put the thing up anyway. I need to go shopping with you for some good bargainss! btw, have a GREATTT wedding, you must be so stressed out but that's the FUN part, I can't wait for mines. hahahhaah. im jk by the way, i CAN Wait.

MiuMiu said...

Hey Hana,
Did you buy any goodies?
Thanks! I wish they weren't as straight though =p
Haha..i don't think i can eat dukboki...i don't like spicy food..i dunno how i managed to even eat enough of the dish i ordered to be full.
I'd love to see your designs one day.
My real name is Millie...but I chose Miumiu cuz the last character of my chinese name sounds like miu haha..and my family and relatives call me miu miu in chinese. i just hope no one thinks that i chose that because of the brand haha

Askmewhats said...

Hey sweet :) Thanks for the comment and yeah, we do have PAC here and I love their products :) They dont' have a lot of selections though but I like it :)

paperdollrevenge said...

Happy New Year, hun!

I haven't read anything by Shiseki Endo, can you recommend some of his books to me? I love finding new favorites! =)

Ah I can relate to you, I am a night person too but I know if I have to wake up early for something, I can. I also LOVE chocolate and cakes and sweets in general, hehe.

And congrats on getting married next year! How very exciting! =)

Diane said...

yes you are good at bargains! They are so cute!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Nice haul! Love the first four items and the last dress :)