Friday, 12 December 2008

Thou shall not be the same girl twice

Okies, so here's my entry for miss yumeko's fun contest ^^
I must say I have enjoyed it very much, despite the fact that the only time available for me to do it is during the night. so after many hours outside amongst humidity and pollution, I think my face looked tired in the pictures, but whatever..hehehe..

so here's the five pieces I used for the looks
My fave lavshuca pallete, SANA liquid eyeliner, Esprique precious pallete, kiss blush on, and integrate lippy. I dont really like wearing mascara (eventho for most ppl it's their HG items hehe..) so I leave it out..

I also dont really like my camera (time for a change? AHA!) it doesnt capture the image the way I want it to be...

I might not be the HUGEST fan of make up, but I do love getting my self beautified (which girl doesnt?) and Im thankful for the many amazing invention in cosmetics industry that can enhance my face's features and cover flaws ^^

For basic I normally use my uv lotion and then my shiseido compact. thats it. simple and pronto! I usually add more steps (foundation, concealer, etc) when special occasions call, like big party or wedding night.

for this competition, because the only time I do this is after work (depending on my schedules that day I dont always wear full make up), I cant be bothered to clean my face and start over again with foundation base, so I just do some light touch up for the base and proceeded away.sorry for the lazyness...

First look is 'the party night out'
The colors came up better with flash (first pic) but I dislike my face looking so oily there lolz..
I used the pinker tone of my blush as an eyeshadow, then mixed it with esprique's brown goldie, put the dark purple of my luvshuca as the liner for the below. use SANA eyeliner for the upper part, splash some blush on, kiss the integrate lipstick lightly and Im finish.

Second look is 'the fresh for bite' (dont mind the name, I like creating wierd lines hahaha)

Sorry for the scary eyes pic, I was quite hopeless in trying to capture the color so I tried to tilt my head abit and took the picture from the front. it works ^^"
for this, I used the glitter cream based from esprique pallete, again my pinker blush on, and SANA liner for the lower part of the eyes only

3rd look 'the bold getting beautiful'' look:

I used Esprique cream base & creamy white eyeshadow, and Luvshuca cream & dark purple tone. mix them mix them mix them, add some SANA, blush the cheek, paint the lips and there you go!!

4th look 'the sweet goes for treat' look:

Esprique cream base, Luvshuca purple combined with esprique brown gold, SANA liner, blush on with more darker pink combination and lipstick with many swipes!

the last look is 'the fast but not furious' look. lolz, I often do this look whenever I need to rush and only have 5 mins in hand.

Luvshuca cream glitter base & light brown, SANA eyeliner, blush on + lipstick, n Im good to go!

awkay, I think I better off now...I feel rather unproductive lately, and superrrr lazy.... today I got my period -_-" not a wonder...

have a nice weekend everyone!!
God bless!


MiuMiu said...

you're camera isn't that bad lol, not as bad as mine, I have to resort to my cellphone most of the time XD
Great looks!

Kimberly Tia said...

aren't you lovely! and thanks for your very sweet comment in regards to my blog!
i'll be sure to subscribe to you to keep up, i love your makeup haul and your work for yumeko's contest! GOOD LUCK to you beautiful!

Diane said...

I love the coral lips and blush and of course your whole entire face makeup!