Tuesday, 30 December 2008

toppin this year up nicely!!

well...it's almost the last day of the year 2008!! Im not particularly fond of new year really...but my friends invite me to spend the new year at their places tomorrow... im still undecided -_-" 
anyway, miuuu, here are two of my designs, these are not the most recent ones...I forgot where I saved them last time *baka me!* I hope you like them ;)

I used acrylic powder to create these 3d design, I used stripping pen to add some variety on the first one and glitter polish for the background on the 2nd one.

since it's coming anyway I might as well say it now 
"HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!"

God bless


MiuMiu said...

The nails are gorgeous! How long does a usual nail session take you to finish?
Strangely enough, I manage to get through some stores with the SAs speaking broken English to me. She basically said cherry, orange and new in english at Etude House haha. You wouldn't believe how difficult to get through some places hehe. Espcially restaurants, if I ever want to try something new, I make sure there's a picture menu before stepping in XD
Enjoy your countdown =)

paperdollrevenge said...

Hey sweets! I hope you had a very merry Christmas!

Those designs look so nice, I especially like the second pic middle one!

I hope you have a Happy New Year!!

Diane said...

hey there. You live overseas!? I thought you were a States girl! Awesome. Where are you located? Hmong, they are a minority group that originated in South China( back in the 1800's) aka referred to by the Chinese as Miao (barbarians) then in the late 1800s war broke out between the Hmong and Chinese b/c they did not want to assimilate with the Chinese so then it led to migration towards SE Asia into parts of Laos, Thailand, Vietnamese, Burma, etc. They still remain there as a minority group but I'm lucky that I'm here. During the Vietnam War, the Hmong allied with American CIA and they promised us a life in America, however, after 1975 when the Americans pulled out, they lied. There are still those in Laos and Thailand that are hunted by the Communists all because the Americans didn't keep their promise. Sorry it's so long!! but I thought I'd tell you since not a lot of people know!

MiuMiu said...

Unfortunely I'm not gonna renew my contract, my experience here hasn't been great and I can't wait to run back home to Canada.
LOL..I heard of that belief too, but I don't feel any richer right now haha.
I think I abuse my face too much haha. I always touch it when I shouldn't (pimples!!!!) and scratch at it and put those masks on hahahaa.

MiuMiu said...

you must have so much patience and steady hands. when i tried to do some sort of art like stuff on my right hand, i feel like my left hand is stupid or something lol
definitely get pushed around by the students, mainly becaue i'm a young female and i'm not being a bitch, but hopefully it'll be different in the next semester.
you should send some pho over! darn international food here is so koreanized, most of it tastes horrible. apparently, chinese food is known as sweet and sour pork and this black bean sauce noodles...and it's so expensive too.
oooh melbourne! i'd like to go there one day...so many places i'd like to go to haha i feel like i don't have enough time.

M said...

OMG those are soooo pretty! I wish my nails could be like that