Saturday, 6 December 2008


Ok, I havent written for so long. Got some real headaches at work T-T anyway, lets not talk abt it...
well, re the title of the blog: what has been decided??
It's been decided that I will follow the online contest held by miss yumeko
ok now dont get's only a make up contest lolz (kind of, I dunno what else to call it), basically it requires the participant to do 5 different looks with only 5 different make up items...

honestly Im drolling over the prizes though if I can choose, I will ask to swap the fake nails with something else coz I've got plenty of them *am already dreaming to be the winner* hahaha...hey,that's what you call positive thinking ok!

I know all of my old friends will have their jaws dropped if they find out abt this :P yeah, hana wears make up now people!! ^_________^
ok then, I got 5 days left till the due date, and will start my creation tomorrow!!!err..ok, maybe the day after tomorrow then...



yumeko said...

ooh i have my own tag!
i feel special HEEHEE! thank you thank you!

and yes got your entry, will add it to the post tonight when i get home ^^ WHEE!

is it ok to post ur pic online?
if not , will choose eye details or something

MiuMiu said...

you work at a nail salon? do you do those designs that are japanese style gel/acrylic? omg I would love to have those!!
I love the nails you have on your previous post

MiuMiu said...

Nope, don't mind at all. I look forward to seeing more nail designs =D