Sunday, 31 August 2008

A Quick Hello

Well, not that that many people read my blog. but I just feel like updating...
Life's been very busy. but all is good :)
Will write more soon!! Maybe when Im in Melbourne..that's when I will finally have some time to sit nicely and quietly, and then think of something to talk abt ...
but for now...this is all for the quick hello :D


Anonymous said...

Hey, Hana! Wow wow... it's been such a long while since I've seen your blog... 4 years! Time flies... sorry I kinda quit blogging too, I just had Xanga deliver newly written blogs to me hehe... sorry for the late reply, just haven't been checking in didn't know you left a message. Wow... so how've you been lady? Good? I sure hope so.
Hey, you have Facebook? If so, leave me your e-mail, I'll add you. ^.^ Simon^^

melly said...

Hana, it's been a while,,thanks for dropping by :) Can I put a link to your blog under my blogroll?

Bittenbefore said...

hi there
u are welcome to join too
i dont live in usa
i live in Japan so u are closer to me ^^