Friday, 8 August 2008

visiting around

I made some visits to my fellow xangans friends. sadly most of them have quited blogging some years ago too. I've managed to get a handful that still faithfully blog and have marked their pages. I just hope whoever from my xanga list (however it's unlikely) who stumbles upon my page will mark mine.

It's such a pity that I lost that many friends -_-" we all once so eager to blog, lolz..but I guess blogging is not something everyone will be doing forever, at least not for everyone in the world. I know some awesome individuals who have blogged for years. As for me, I enjoy writing and for me blog is just like a virtual diary. yes yes, I still have my 'actual' diary that I now write every now and then :P I just feel better after pouring my heart into writings as Im not a very good talker. and some things are better kept inside my diary rather than online so stop calling me 'old skool' hehehe...

I have just finished my 2nd catalog, what a relieve. and just for the mood the day, it's all summer and colorful (eventho it's practically summer all year round here)
here's the statement of the mood:
cute eh?I absolutely love it hahaha..I never wear bikini so I'll wear it on my nail HA! what a brilliant idea! and ppl still wonder what I do with my brain? HAHAHA...and just before this one I got into the mood of strikingly sophisticated (I just name my mood with whatever names I feel like), so I get my staff to paint this one on my nails:

Anyways, after a very long break I've gotten back into the mood of having my nails decorated with nail art ^^ after all my customers always ask me why my nails are plain (pls, cant I have a break? hahaha), now it's the time to WOW them again. Sales technique too...lolz..

Ok, gotta bounce now
Laters! :)


jk said...

Hana! it's good your blogging again. I want those nails!! How do you type though??? heheee Looking foward to your future entries. :)

acutelife said...

lolz...actually my nails are not that long yet...Ive had it way longer before ;) it's actually possible to do almost anything with long nails you know!! hahaha

Askmewhats said...

aww thanks for the visit and that's lovely nail art! :)

The clinique isn't oily at all and yeah it gets to be really humid and hot here, it sips into your skin and it doesn't get oily, that's why I love this product so much :)