Thursday, 30 April 2009

Go Green posting XD

Melbourne has been so cold for the past few days and the news said that last week was the coldest april week in 56 years lolz...and where I stayed last week (my brother's house) was the coldest suburb in victoria n hubby had to use two layers of quilt to get warm -__-" it's not even winter yet..I see this as one of the global warming phenomenons...
It's a sad fact but the earth are decaying because humans are not very responsible in taking care of it.well, I've been trying to go green for quite a long time but sometimes my surroundings arent that supportive hehe XD.... I remember once my colleague teased me to sign up for a greenpeace membership because I commented on how he used a post-in-note to write something that is not so useful and gave him a quick 2 minutes lecture of how those post-it-note were made lolz :P

anyway, when we get our own house I will (and nothin hubby says will stop me) get that decomposer thing (you know, the bin thing to decompose your green garbage) even if we dont have a garden, maybe I can sell the composed products to my neighbours and make some money lolz...

aside from that... I've been trying to recall the method of doing a whole strand of pearl necklace. this isnt as simple as it looks because to make a good and strong whole necklace, I cant just put one pearl after another, I have to make a joint from the nylon thread to seperate each pearl but the joint have to be very tight and touching the pearl; to avoid loose pearl in the thread.and this particular part is so difficult to get right T-T I probably lost you by now hahaha...
I do and re-do it for about three times before getting it all good -__-""" I need to do this often or else I'll forget..
here's the finished result:

this one is south sea pearls so they are quite big.
Pearls are beautiful and while in some people opinion it might be destined for old lady and look too formal, I think the smaller sized ones are definetely good to wear for many occasions. Did I also mention that pearl is a green jewelry because they have low impact on environment? Cant wait until I get to see the farms end of this year!! yohoo, I think I'll go pearl-crazy XD....

And my other go green action hahaha...LUSH products.... the ocean salt (Lovin it!eventhough the salt can be abit rough for sensitive skin) and the eye cream. I quite like the eyecream, although the smell are not that nice. unlike the facial moisturizer, that's IMO only good for winter country, this one can safely be used for tropical country without getting too heavy for the skin. So it will come with me on my next trip to the hotter lands! I got the "honey I washed the kid" (HAHA...cute name) soap but I didnt take pic of it (It's sitting nicely in my shower at the moment)...

wellz, today's post is very 'green' hahaha.. I hope nobody minds. It's been a few good weeks...I hope it keeps on raining (Australia needs it!)

allright, thats all for now...stay safe, stay happy (and green) !!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Back in Melb!

I've been so behind in post and comment ^^" sorry for that... esp to Mz Linhh who has nominated me...I know Im supoz to do something with the nomination but cant figure out whats that something is -_-"
Thanks everyone for the well wishes ^__^ me and hubby are back in Melb. Our Japan's trip was wonderful... Japan is so awesome, me & hubby want to go back again someday :D
anyway, here's some pics of the foods!! lolz we ate so much!

I love japanese ramen...tasted so good..lucky we bumped into really good ramen restos

also loving jap curry :)

Not to mention the bakery *droll*

and talking abt the best freshest sushi? (this one from tsukiji market)

and more ramens ^^

and My current obsession is Lush products. I used to not being able to stand the store's smell :P its very strong and strange and I got sensitive nose.but it came to my attention that they try to use less packaging and be more earth-friendly. and when I took a good look at their products (online, I never lasted long in the actual store lolz) I decided to give some a try. So currently Im using Celestial facial moisturizer, Charity Pot Body cream and Godiva solid shampoo & conditioner.
Actually when smelled individually they are much better haha..and I quite like their products,and even my hubby like it too. but for the creams, I think I can only use it when Im in Australia. I wont bring it for travel to tropical country because it would be too heavy for my skin. I will, however, bring the solid shampoo around with me. I love Godiva's smell ^^ very refreshing...

I also got the ocean salt scrub and Hybrid solid shampoo but I will take their pic later ^^
so thats all for now...I have some troubles navigating around the blogs features...I know it suposed to be easy since everyone's blog looks so chic and pretty but Im having difficult times even just to move the pics around, so Im forced to edit the html and sometimes its time consuming -_-" any practical advices??
until laters....