Thursday, 23 April 2009

Back in Melb!

I've been so behind in post and comment ^^" sorry for that... esp to Mz Linhh who has nominated me...I know Im supoz to do something with the nomination but cant figure out whats that something is -_-"
Thanks everyone for the well wishes ^__^ me and hubby are back in Melb. Our Japan's trip was wonderful... Japan is so awesome, me & hubby want to go back again someday :D
anyway, here's some pics of the foods!! lolz we ate so much!

I love japanese ramen...tasted so good..lucky we bumped into really good ramen restos

also loving jap curry :)

Not to mention the bakery *droll*

and talking abt the best freshest sushi? (this one from tsukiji market)

and more ramens ^^

and My current obsession is Lush products. I used to not being able to stand the store's smell :P its very strong and strange and I got sensitive nose.but it came to my attention that they try to use less packaging and be more earth-friendly. and when I took a good look at their products (online, I never lasted long in the actual store lolz) I decided to give some a try. So currently Im using Celestial facial moisturizer, Charity Pot Body cream and Godiva solid shampoo & conditioner.
Actually when smelled individually they are much better haha..and I quite like their products,and even my hubby like it too. but for the creams, I think I can only use it when Im in Australia. I wont bring it for travel to tropical country because it would be too heavy for my skin. I will, however, bring the solid shampoo around with me. I love Godiva's smell ^^ very refreshing...

I also got the ocean salt scrub and Hybrid solid shampoo but I will take their pic later ^^
so thats all for now...I have some troubles navigating around the blogs features...I know it suposed to be easy since everyone's blog looks so chic and pretty but Im having difficult times even just to move the pics around, so Im forced to edit the html and sometimes its time consuming -_-" any practical advices??
until laters....


Mzz. Linhh said...

After being nominated, you post some random facts about yourself..I think 7 or 8, I'm not lookin at the rules right now so I have no ideaa hahha. Sorry! Oooh I love LUSH too..gonna post up my fav products frm them.

Diane said...

hey love,
i agree with you. i want the kids to have two parents and not have some corrupt family. How have you been? You MUST start your wishlist somewhere so I can see. *wink!

MiuMiu said...

i can't even figure out how to do a new layout haha...and cuz i'm too lazy
yummy ramen!!!! i can't wait to go to japan! i wouldn't be surprised if i gained an extra pound.
mmm...the tuna is my fav!! i'm glad you had fun on your trip =)
the neighbour was korean. his english was pretty good so i have a feeling he studied overseas or live overseas. i've never seen or heard sOOO many arguements in my life! XD

paperdollrevenge said...

OMG...the food...*drools!!*

You mean you have a hard time moving pics around inside the post? I usually just cut and paste them or the text around. =)

hehe we're all becoming attracted to Lush, I like the concept, natural and earth-friendly. I want to try the Celestial Moisturizer too! I agree, I used to walk past the store a lot but not go in because of the strong smell. But when used alone, most of the products smell better. I actually like the way Angels On Bare Skin smells...very calming and relaxing.

yoli said...

of course I don't mind if you add me to your list! it will make me happy! :)

I hope to visit Japan someday, I love that country too!

ekimura said...

OMG the FOOD is SUPER YUM!!!! where is that at?? Im so jealous!!
I love ramen and curry too!! XD *drools*

thank you for stopping by and leaving me such a sweet comment! :D

jewels said...

all that food look soo good.
you look so young to be married.