Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates...Im really caught up in this wedding preparation, im telling you...if I had a choice I would opt for a small party of just close relatives and in asia is not as simple as that -_-" it's like our parents are also getting married all over many stuff need to be considered so both families' wants are properlly and equally catered...

anyway...thats just a blurb of what I do everyday now lolz..
here are some pics of my recent trips...foods are definetely the first thing Im going to miss from Indonesia when I move overseas next year T-T
these are some foods I enjoyed from my last trip to west Java...

the infamous 'serabi' made from coconut, super yummy......:)~~~~~~

another local delicacies, made of flour and banana...this is my childhood faves even until now!

maybe I can call this, indonesian pho? lolz we call it 'soto' here...we always call any food with alot of soups with that name, this one tastes yummy...

and this is how side street meals look like... haha..

this fruit will make some of you shriek in horror and some in joy...

oh, all these pics are making me hungry!! time for dinner!!

g'day ppl!!! :)
God bless


Kimberly Tia said...

oh gosh -- you're post makes me want to visit Indonesia so badly. My father was born in Jakarta!

and he always tells me of the wonderful street foods and fresh fruits and lovely "humid as heck" weather at times.

you must post more photos, I love seeing them.

and you're so cute, swaps are really fun, I love getting "WORLD" inspired souveniers from bloggers, or their fave beauty products that they use for something US...

stay super sweet!

=- Junista -= said...

love how you make those acrylic nails. They're so cute.

You said on MiuMiu comment that you plan to come to Thailand. Let me know if you need any helps!

Ciao ciao :-)

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

omg aNYTHing with coconut, i likkeeee yummmyummy

more pics!!!

btw i never get that sort of freebies except during new year sales, then i think a lot of stores do it to clear out old stock ^^

hope that helps!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Niice food, smelly durian :D Haha actually I don't mind it that much, my parents love it but its definitely not on my list of favorite fruit.

About the Kji lip spa, does the lip tint really help lighten lips?

MiuMiu said...

i'd have to say out loud...EEEEWWWW!!!! the durians smell sooooo bad!!!! i remember i got one for my friend's birthday cuz she love them, and it stank up my bf's car for a few days!! haha.
the food looks tasty, especially the pho!
is the serabi made with coconut milk? i would love to eat that!
I hope you're not feeling too stressed about the wedding planning, you could always hire a wedding planner to make it easier hehe
I'm probably not heading to Japan until mid august, school is gonna be happening from march to end of july @__@
I'm actually not too excited about anything else here, for some reason only skinfood is appealing because of the face masks. I think most of the cheaper drugstore brand makeup sucks.

Diane said...

YUM. That PHO looks different but I'm sure it's yummy. Is that a Durian or jackfruit? I love both.

This curler has a bigger curler but they are sold separately. This one runs for $17 ish just a few bucks away from its bigger size. I don't mind whatever I swap it with. International brand, cute things, face items, or lipglosses, maybe even eyeshadow but I don't play with eyes too much! plmk if you want it.=)

Mzz. Linhh said...

aaaah I know that fruit!! lol I just can't think of the name..hmm my mom loves it..I eat from time to time..but Americans..they can't run any faster away from it..haha. umm the name of the songs right now.. I have a bunch of britney spears songs...1. if u seek amy 2. radar 3. shattered glass 4. demi lovato- trainwrek 5. robocop kanye west and 6. i know what them girls like- ludacris ft. chris brown.

If you want the old one..bc I changed my playlist just recently, let me know because I can't think of the songs from the top of my head. **bad memoryy okayy. good luck with the wedding planning!! =)

Diane said...

OH, sorry! It means please let me know! hhee. YAY!! Please let it be a surprise! my email is and email me your addy!

M said...

sorry about the palette~ if i ever have another one to part with i'll let you know :)

I'm afraid of durians, they look slightly dangerous :P

Digital Angel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :)
I love the piano, it's my favorite musical instrument. The pianist is from Korea. His name is "Yiruma" you can search under there are various song he actually composed.
The song on my background is "Kiss the Rain"
I am glad you like it :)

M said...

oh yeah, there are tons of korean nail parlors but they don't really do the 3d designs. :T

.nacchi. said...

han! dah mo merrid??? waaaa congrats girl!!! *huggles* where are you moving to??

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

sweetie! swimmer is the brand, also the name of the shop! u can see the list of shops on the website i posted on my blog.
hope tat helps!

MiuMiu said...

i've actually never heard of amway. i have a feeling they don't sell it in canada...and deodorant is less common and more $$ in korea haha. thanks for the tip tho! i might have to keep an eye out on it in the future..right now i got like 5 months worth of deodorant sitting on my shelf haha..i didn't think the one i use would be available in korea..and i was right about it. i heard somewhere that if you inject some botox in some specific areas on your'll reduce the sweating...strange idea haha.
would you have anymore tantilizing food pictures? i'm mentally hungry!