Thursday, 21 January 2010

TaGS & awards?

I got mentioned as one of the top 100 awesome bloggers (or something like that) by Shierly from notefromthetoothfairy, thanks very much Shirly! I never thought that my blog is that awesome, it's very nice of you. and also she tags me on 10 honest facts list. So Im going to do it now :D sorry it took so long, I was away on holiday at that time :)

1. I'm easy to get annoyed, and unfortunately I'm a bad actor so I can't really hide it.
2. I love everything about chocolate.
3. I sleep like a log, a pig, a slab of concrete, you name long as it represents something that stays put on bed and not moving for at least a good 8-10 hours then that's me :D
4. I'm afraid of gecko, or any lizard family... I got into a hospital once because of that beast...I'll tell more about it another time :p
5. If I have to choose style or comfort, I go for comfort ^^
6. I'm a sucker of anything health-promoting; anything that is beneficial for health, be it food, sports, or other things XD
7. I'm not a good cook, for a mom and in laws are such good cooks I feel I'm fading away in comparison with them. Well, it wasnt a big deal before I got married, but now I realize the importance of pleasing the loved ones through foods hahaha
8. When going clothes-shopping, I'm so lazy to try on the clothes, pants, or whatever XD I like shopping but I hate the trying-it-on part
9. Once my hubby criticized me about my foods and I went on a strike for two days. Ladies, please don't follow my lead hahaha...but then again, I'm sure most of your cooking levels are above mine ^^"
10. I like travelling!! but if I can choose, then I want to go to cold places... :p

And Fifi from prettymuchmakeup also mentioned me on blogs-that-I-read-frequently. thanks so much girl

I honestly read almost all of my followers' blog update (if they update of course), I do have some problem getting my followers' blog up on my left sidebar (the blog updates area), so sometimes I need to go through the list from the dashboard to check on the updates.

Thanks Shirly and Fifi for your tag and award.

on random note: I ate a huge bowl of black cherries yesterday, maybe closer to a kilo?? @.@ not sure...but when I saw myself in a mirror I got this nice dark purple shade on my lips lolz...and it stays on pretty long too!! nature's color is the best!! But then it takes almost 1kg of cherries to give me that shade, and 1kg of black cherries is like $14. uhm...I'll stick to lipstick and its kin then ^^"

Until next post bloggers!! take care and have a nice day!!


*~kAy~* said...

haha how awesome... natural lipstick :P
I heard you can stain your lips with crushed beet juice too ;) stays pretty long :)

congratz on all your tags and awards <3

Christy said...

haha i don't think i could ever go on strike with food!!

except i could do without the black cherries, i'm allergic :D

congrats on your awards girl!

Fifi said...

Hey I'm with you on the cooking part. I'm still trying to learn how to do it right. My mom is not a better cook either compared to my aunts so I can feel less bad about it. Lol.

Black cherries! I want some :D

StuddedLilly said...

congratz! and thanks for following me! def. see you around :)


Nerdic.. said...

Lovely make-up from previous post!
X, fashionnerdic.

Sush said...

thanks for still coming to visit my page and commenting haha. i almost went nuts nto going online.

i love love cherries, too bad theyre too expensive here

Kym said...

=O i'm totally with you on the trying on clothes part! especially with JEANS! i would rather risk buying the wrong size/length than to try it on. hahaha! and re: ur question.. i didn't pick either of them! haha!

Soapaholic said...

I'm a chocoholic too and I hate lizards as well!

Manju said...

lolll you'e such a rebel, going on strike like that! i wanna hear the lizard story xD

Blair said...

I'm with you on #1, #2, #4 (but I've never been hospitalized because of them *touch wood*), #7, #8 and #10!!!

I'll try to smile more showing my teeth haha~ But but, it makes my eye bags oh so obvious =(

adin_22 said...

ooohhh...I love cherries too.....

and the places are just beautiful that's why my picture looks decent...I'm ok....How bout u???

MiuMiu said...

Hey Hana,
haha it's been a while on my regular updating and keeping up with everyone!
i hate trying on clothes now too, it's such a hassle, unless they're pants, those i gotta try.
how was your holidays? haha even though i'm a bit late in asking...hmm...i should ask did you plan anything for valentines!

AudreyAllure said...

congrats on the award! :)

RicAdeMus said...

Hey, you just need practice on the cooking! My mom was a great cook, but my dad used to tell stories about her bad cooking when they first got married--he claimed he worked with her and helped her improve.

Whoever is not cooking should not be allowed to complain--appreciate the effort or do it yourself! But I learned that the hard way. After one little joke my wife went on a permanent ironing strike. LOL

AudreyAllure said...

congrats on the tag :)

Sarah said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hana! I'm so glad you are back! I have missed you and your posts!!!
I LOVED your random facts, you are so funny!!!! :) Omg I had a lizard in my bedroom yesterday morning, it was under my pillow on the carpet oh my lord I screamed so loud lol they freak me out too!!!!!

Ohhh I know I am losing my blogger mojo a bit but I am thinking of a few things so hopefully I'll be right :) Just hard when life is so crazy!!
Happy Aussie day for tomorrow!!!! I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing day my dear!!!!! :) xxx

Dana Yoshimizu said...

That's a lot of cherries to eat! Now I wanna eat some. Yummy :) We had some in our refrigerator, but by the time I wanted to eat them, they were all gone! Someone got to them before me! XD HAHAHA

shaynaJo said...

hi there, finally i found someone who's afraid of lizards as much as I do. Haha..
btw, i'm ur new follower!
just found ur blog today.. haha.. and I jz got started in making my blog public :P
hope to get ur support yea :D