Thursday, 24 September 2009

The big C we all hate

It starts with C and ends with N, namely the hideous, hateful, mood-dragging Constipation... (note: there's nothing graphics involved, but if you are sensitive about this issue, you are welcome to skip this post^^)

I had that problem before....
A while ago I found the cure...yes, T.H.E C.U.R.E .... and no I'm not talking about taking medication XD of course that is one of the solutions but it's painful... I'm talking about the more natural way... and I'd like to share it...just in case it's helpful...

Here's my hero!
Taadaaa.... the most effective C-cure...aka Prune Juice :D hubby introduced this to me and I loooovvve it. During the annoying time of C-attack, I take a glassfull (or two) and then sit meekly like nothing happen. The next two hours will see me running to the toilet to get the business done for once and all (well not always once....sometimes more ^^")

I'm curious...what is your cure for the big C??DO share if you have one :)

Now I drink prune juice almost everyday, and in addition I consume 2-3 serves of fruits everyday. So far this has worked very well, and I notice improvement on my skin (esp during my period, when my skin usually give me attitude).

Why does it important to do your toilet 'business' everyday??
  1. When you neglect it for one day, you actually have started building up toxin in your body because the waste of the digestion that are supposedly be dumped out are forced to be absorbed back to your body (this is the easy wordings). This will cause many reactions to the body of course, but let's take the obvious one, the adverse reaction to our precious skin ^^
  2. Many of my mum's clients (mum is beautician) facial problems can be related back to the irregular habit of going for the dump (one of the causes)
  3. Possibility of spreading the toxin to your surrounding by the so called fart-accident HAHAHA :p
As often as we choose to avoid this subject, my husband told me that constipation is one of the most common problems experienced by both male and female, regardless of age...yes you can be young and pretty (or handsome) with this annoying problem, or old and frail with the same rant...HA...interesting!! We really should elaborate more about this topic XD

Oh yeah... I passed my exams!! WOHOO... I haven't gotten the results yet but it's positive that I safely passed, thanks God...this subject was really hard it got me worried abit :p

So...I'm leaving for Vietnam tomorrow (Ho Chin Minh City) v^______^v because I need to clear my visa (after 90 days in thailand, wow....time sure flies). Will only be there for 2 nights since my new class will be starting on Monday. I will be back with loads of pics!! :)

I'm all packed and ready to go!!

I wish you all an early good weekend!!



Chrissy said...

I think everyone has this problem occasionally. But nobody speaks about it because 'YOU JUST DON'T DO IT' I guess. Good that you've found something that works for you.

Have a safe trip to Vietnam!

RicAdeMus said...

I'm glad you were able to "unpack" before you packed for your trip--it will be a much more pleasant journey now!

I've only had this problem two or three times, but dried apricots work well if you have them...but I like prune juice too.

Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

have fun in Vietnam! take loads of pics! and you are a braaave girl for talking about this! hehe and like yeah ive had same problem ever since i started drinking hot teas thats helped me . have fuuuun!!!!

*Nehs* said...

i ate green apple and leafy veggies. very effective for me. :)

sure, i'll wait for you makeup organization till you're back to melbourne. :)

Blair said...

Have fun in Vietnam dear!!!

I like eating prunes for fun haha!

Soapaholic said...

Haha this was completely unexpected, I was so curious what the "big C" stood for! :D

I never really get this problem maybe because I always eat fiber-rich foods for breakfast (wheat bread is a staple food for me!).

Congratulations on passing the difficult subject, hope you have fun in Vietnam!:)

Vanilla said...

awww never been to vietnam before,take picts !loll
im so curiouss
yeahhh u ever been to grand indonesia and see the fountain?lol

Sarah said...

LOL you crack me up!!! I'm not sure if I could bring myself to drink Prune juice, but lots of fruit I can do!
Awww congrats on passing your exams!!! Yay that is amazingggg!!!
Have a safe trip and can't wait to see lots of photos when you return :) xo

Pop Champagne said...

hahaha everyone def have this problem, I take fiber supplements from time to time too. at first when you said "the big C we all hate with the N" i thought you were talking about Constitution!

btw lovely purse you got! have a great trip!

Blair said...

Did you haul and take loads of pics when you were in Vietnam? What's it like? I've never been there!!

I had a bit of the problem that you described in this entry and so I popped two pills. They were too strong for me as I've never eaten them before (never had this problem :[) and yeah... you can imagine the rest *arghh* But right now I'm feeling much better, thank you for your concern =D

*Nehs* said...

thanks so much for the sweet comment! ~xoxo

Iyah said...

Eating healthy!! YAY!! I dunno what I do with the Big C.. Haven't occurred in a long time so I forgot what I did before.. "/

Prune Juice,, oh no.. I don't like it.. I might find something else to cure Big C if ever it happens to me..

Hope you're feeling better by now! :D

Blair said...

Yeah, I do actually. And I knew that it was effective because I only use the lotion on my arms and sometimes my legs and these parts are much fairer than the parts covered by clothes.

Blair said...

I'm the same!!! I tan very easily and it's very hard for me to go fairer :[

Maybe you can do an experiment like I did as in apply it to your arms only or something like that?

I'm glad that you like it! :)

eki said...

ohh prune juice is so good for you and the skin hehe :D thank you for the sweet message Hun! <3 much appreciated!! can you buy from I think they ship just about anywhere,, they do sell tsubaki but they sell out fast :P

Yumeko said...

congrats on passing your exams
have a good trip too!

p.s they do sell dry shampoo in melbourne, those hairproducts discount stores, i forget their names ^^

adin_22 said...

hey...I'm currently drinking prune juice right now..but I'm not very good in eating veggies...I know it's bad for me...but still...thanks for dropping by my blog..:D

Amanda K said...

Congrats on passing your exams!

Hope you had fun on your trip!!

Thanks for sharing your remedy.. lol

Pop Champagne said...

omgg you can't cook at your place?! so what do you do when you get the munchies late at night and don't feel like getting dressed to go out and grab something to eat!? though if the food is cheap and ALL the food postings you posted looks DELICIOUS I'd def be up for not being able to cook hehe

and lol about feeling guilty on the getting married for 4 mil question! You have such a good heart! If only those gold diggers in Hollywood are all like you <3

Toothfairynotes said...

I want to go to vietnam, just for the food! my favorite food in the world!

I'm glad you liked the new blog layout!