Monday, 21 September 2009

Shoping in Bangkok: Accessories Land at SumPeng market

Thank you ladies for the good wishes in regards to my exams. Now I'm waiting for the results so keep praying for me ;)

A while ago, Blair suggested me to post about shopping places in Bangkok and I thought "why not". Except that instead of doing the major shopping malls I opt to do quirky spots, getting down and dirty to find interesting places (literally because it's raining season here, not to mention the humidity which means constant sweating) XD

There are several of such place in Bangkok! And this time I went to SumPeng wholesale accessories market at Chinatown area.

This place is probably one of the main places to shop for those accessories' sellers that I saw around Bangkok. Sum Peng consists of two loooonggg alleys that are separated by the main road. Pls enjoy the pics :)

Before the start of the long walk we powered up with this bowl of fish balls noodle soups. This kind of soup can be found in every nook and corner of Bangkok :) I had fishballs in tomyum soup since I always go for spicy foods!

Now, on to the main business (ie. shopping lolz). This is the street that separated the two Sum Peng alleys. As you can see, there is no rule in crossing the road, you just have to watch for yourself XD

The start of the alleys, very crowded with regular bumpings to other people expected.
Deeper into the alley the situation was not improving, but I did not mind because my eyes were amazed by the 'views'. My eyes feasted on the endless stores and sellers! The prices are unbelievably cheap too. Like you can get alot of stuff for AUD0.20-1.00 each @.@" It sends message loud and clear "Helloooow wallet, please open up and pour out your content!!!"
Of course we can not buy just one, there is a minimum (different for each store) quantity to get the wholesale price... but I didn't mind the least, please force me to buy more!! ^^"

Rows of earrings, necklaces, bangles, and whatnots. Most of the times they just spread it over a table @.@

No no, these are not gold XD otherwise I would have run with some of those (with the seller in hot pursuit) LOLz

One of stores selling plushies and other kiddy toys

I thought this was drinks stall, turned out this vendor sells ornamental jelly (look at the mini cups below)...I dont think this is a good idea for home with kids around XD but these things are very interesting (and somehow made me thirsty)...

Many stuff are also handmade :) you just have to watch when you choose because sometimes the quality might not be consistent. They got many bows and cute hairclips

Did I hear someone screams "Hellohhkiteeehh!!" 0.O"" lolz

How I love these sights *major drooling*

Halfway through the alley we found this gift shop called Happy Gift, and we were really happy inside :D so many cuteness arranged in neatness is the deadly recipe for shopping madness ^^"

Ying (my lovely Thai friend and my super guide) translated these cute pillows writings to me. Basically it's a like prescription from pharmacy, only this one is for love sickness, how cute ^^

One of the highlight finding of the day :D can you guess what are these stuff? Chocolate paper clips!! How very so cool!! XD I love chocolates!! and to have a constant sight of them while working is a plus! I snatched some of course :)

I haven't taken pics of stuff that I bought lolz....but that is for another post perhaps... the next post would be about another market, my fave market ^^"

I hope you enjoy the post! Stay cute, happy and safe!!
Have a blessed day!


Kym said...

oh gosh, i miss shopping in asia! you can always find the most unimaginable things for such a cheap price! i dont miss the crowdedness and pollution though... when i lived in hk as a little girl, i would always get elbowed :(

Blair said...

I adore this post, thank you so much for doing it!

Accessories lane? Sounds like my cup of tea!!!

adin_22 said...

awww...I love shopping at bangkok...everything soo cheap.....thanks for posting this...

Vanilla said...

ohhh didnt know there were such hidden paradise !
my trip to bangkok was not impressive at all,shud have asked for a local guide !bahahhaa

MiuMiu said...

ornamental jellies? haha now that's a first. i think i would have ordered one to drink
the stores reminds me of the ones from korea

Askmewhats said...

I went to Bangkok with my colleagues more than 2 years ago and I want to go back, I had a great time shopping for clothes and shoes there :D

Soapaholic said...

I love the concept of this post.:) This would really come in handy if I get to visit Bangkok some time. Those chocolate paper clips are soo cute!!

*Nehs* said...

Bangkok seems to have very nice stuffs! love it! enjoyed this post.

about my nail arts, yup, i did them myself. :) thank you! <3

M said...

i miss you, i miss bangkok, this post made me slightly teary eyed. When will i get to see you again?!!?!??

*~kAy~* said...

i really miss Thailand! <3
I went to Bangkok a few times but I was mostly living in Chiangmai :) Was one of the best times!
the chocolate clips are so cute! <3

thanks for dropping by :) i love weird stuff too haha :P
i got my leggings at Forever21 :)

Anonymous said...

wow I remember our "tutuban center" here hehe ..! I love being here in asia we can shop items in affordable price !nice post i love those accesorries *drools*

btw hanna dear thnks for always dropping by..,mwah! tc

Yumeko said...

omg how cute
i want like everything
i need a tour guide or someone that speaks thai to go with meXD

Pop Champagne said...

HOLY I LOVE ALL THOSE HAIR ACCESSORIES!!! omg I miss asia sooo much. I'd buy soo much if I was there right now hahaha

And yes do let me know the lotion, my arms are too dark for the rest of my body LOL

*~kAy~* said...

nice! lucky you! i can't wait to go back to thailand! <3
yeh Chiangmai does have pretty nice mountains :P I went to high school up in the mountains so I like downtown better hahah! especially the night bazaar ;)

*Nehs* said...

go start arranging your makeup! i wanna see! :) glad u liked my layout! thank you! <333

Ken said...

wow i have never been to thailand
love ur blog, nice

adin_22 said...

u got awards & tag

Anonymous said...

hehee you look sooo happy with the Highland coffee!!! hehe how are you??