Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Update: Authentic Thai & Giveaways

So, I've been in a quiet and nice hermitage away from the internet world for about two weeks. Anyone miss me?? 0.0" hehehe...
I had my prefinal exam today and will have another one next monday, so need to do some studying tonight :) but I just want to share some updates and tidbits.

Last week my thai friends took me to a local Thai pub, I have no idea whatsoever, plus my friend asked me "Are you a high-class type of girl?I'm afraid the place is not good enough for you", I was like "Huh?I dont think so, I clean my own toilet so I don't think I'm high class" LOLz

Turned out, I LOVE the place!! Sure it's not a place to impress your date, but it's a perfect place to hang out with friends! It's located in BangPo area (please dont ask me for direction, I'm as good as clueless) and the name of the place is "Sa-Rarn-Rom" (no idea what it means as my thai is sorely limited, but it sounds cute isn't it, makes your tongue vibrate nicely hahaha). The pics don't do the justice since I snapped from my mobile phone and the place's lighting was poor, but I think the place was really special (it has that local feeling) and I'm the only non-thai there lolz...so I can say it's very authentic Thai. We had a really great time chatting the night away and drank thai's cocktail and beers (for the guys).
Here are some pics of the night, again, pardon the quality and please strain your eyes to look at them haha...

They have wooden desks covered with decorative clothes, inside and outdoor seats, live band playing local songs, and lady boys as waitresses lolz...for real! but not all, just one or two :P that girl is not a ladyboy, she's "real" LOLz, I didn't take any pic of the ladyboys.
Here is the thai cocktail, my friend told me this drink is strong in subtle way...if that makes sense 0.o" it will make you drunk without you realizing it...^^" since my alcohol tolerance is nowhere near superb, I only took 3-4 little cups of this and managed to stay sober the whole night.

The beer!! this gigantic jug fits 3litres!!! I wish my hubby was there, he'd be so happy!! XD

We stayed until past midnight then went home because some of us have to work the following day. It was a new experience for me and a nice one indeed :)))

Other than that, I run out of my body lotion, and as my dearest Blair's review of Garnier's body lotion tickled my curiousity, I went to Boots and purchased it. I love the citrus scent, the lotion is not too heavy, just right for the humid tropical weather. As for the effectiveness of the whitening formula, we might have to wait until another week or month perhaps :D

While snatching the Garnier, my attention was caught by the nearby shelves that stocked Soap & Glory products. I bought their "Blueberry Thrill" body butter because the smell is just so yummy :D it's too heavy to be used in hot countries, so I'm saving it for Australia ^^ (and I'm thinking to buy the peach one too since I believe this brand is not available in Australia).

Giveaways by the lovely Dana. and the generous prize!!

And my super delish lunch today, Pad Si Eew (not that kind of "Eeeww" ok?hahaha)

Allright, that's the update so far...Time to go back to the books!! and I hope everyone have a lovely and safe weekend! God bless!! xoxo


Amanda K said...

I missed you!!

Good luck on your exams!

Blair said...

That is a little cup? No way, that looks more like a big jug to me hahaa!

I hope you like the Garnier lotion XD Yummy lunch! Is it spicy?

Good luck in your exam on Monday!

Manju said...

lol yeah i guess the little prince can be kind of weird if you dont read the hidden meanings haha
i just got the Garnier body lotion too! smells yummy doesnt it! it sort of reminds me of lemon pie actually ^^
good luck with the exam girlie

Kym said...

yes, III missed you! althought i've been MIA here and there as well.. do you have facebook? i'm a better keep in toucher through that. haha! ;P "i clean toilets so i'm not high class" haha! you're hilarious! have a great weekend girl!

Soapaholic said...

Haha, I have really low tolerance to alcohol too!! It looks like you had a lot of fun.:D

Let us know about the Garnier lotion. You have sensitive skin too right? It doesn't irritate you?:) I want to try it in the near future, haha.

MiuMiu said...

hope you did well on your exams!
the cocktail looks good for a hot day. haha 3 liters of beer? you'd be goin to the washroom all night haha
i didnt' even know garnier made body lotions..i gotta check it out now

Iyah said...

Hi! :] yes yes we missed you!! Goodluck on the studying and that Thai Pub sounds/looks so fun! :]

Pop Champagne said...

omg do you know how to make the Pad Si Eew?!?! I wanna know I love that dish as well!!

and the beer tower looks awesome, hahaha I can barely finish 2 glasses of beer (for some reason beer gets me EVERYTIME!) let along half of the tower!

Louie said...

hmm your super delish lunch looks delicious..well I think thai is one of the best tourist spot in asia!.. nice seems that you had enjoyed with your friends :D yay for the beer..

Imma try garnier too!! am sucker for whitening lotion lol...and ofcourse we do miss you :) have nice day and TC!er

paperdollrevenge said...

hehe I love that word, ladyboys! Sounds like it was fun! Pad Si Eew is prob my fav, mmm yummy!

When are you going to Vietnam?! Ahhh I really wished that I knew some bloggers there to help with a beauty shopping guide! My dad was sweet to look for stuff but...he's such a guy! Like he got me a Maybelline mascara and it wasn't even cheap, LOL, when he totally could have just stocked up on lots of cheap masks! =P

Manju said...

highfive! stardust is an awesome movie :)
where have you been anyway?? and how was the exam?

Vanilla said...

loll the beer looks yummy
doesnt look like beer at all !
ohh u r in thai for study too?i actually never heard anyone go to thai for study
thanks hun for the sweet comment,u made my day

Kym said...

hey girl! my email address is kbanguis@gmail.com :)

Yumeko said...

when do u go back to melb?
my trip keeps getting postphoned XD

Blair said...

Hmmm, it doesn't last long :( maybe it's because it's super sheer and watery...

.maitai said...

Wow that Thai pub sounds interesting! I wish we had places like those in my town. lol.

Thanks for the wishes of luck! I'll most definitely need it. X(

eki said...

lady boys as waitress!! wow they must of been beautiful :D you should try dhc one of my fav company for skin care :)

they already have so many new items out in Japan, Im waiting for them to come out in america but it take forever for a item to get discontinued to make a way for a new product in usa :P

Pop Champagne said...

omggg let me know if the whitening formula works with the garnier lotion!! i hate how my arms are so much darker than the rest of my body lol! and I will post pics of my place really soon- I'm getting the rest of my bedroom furnitures delivered to be this coming tuesday, so I got my fingers crossed for that EVERYTHING will get here!

paperdollrevenge said...

Ohhh going next week! Fun! Short visit? Like just a few days?

Good luck finding beauty items! I haven't been to Vietnam in years and the last time I was there, I didn't know crap about Asian beauty items! But I say try to find nice and big drugstores/stores. Hopefully you'll find a nice stash and not random items the way my dad did (those were all the VOV and Face Shop masks he could find, but he said it was raining and streets were flooded making it hard to go out shopping.)

And lastly...have fun!! Take lots of pics please. =P

Simes. said...

Hey! nice pictures, great blog btw, take a look at ours whenever you want. We invite you to follow it!

*~kAy~* said...

haha.. i remember ladyboys over there can be pretty hot :P
one of my guy friends was talking about how hot this "lady" was... turns out "she" wasn't one after he heard "her" talk haha! :P

how long are you going to be in Thailand? :)