Friday, 14 August 2009

With me to the D-la-la-Land! Please lend me your help!! :D

First, there is an awesome giveaways from amorevintage.check it out, do check it out!

and next, I need a little help from all of you who reads my humble blog :D As you may (or may not, but now you do) know, I work with in jewerly industry, mainly diamonds. and now I'm trying to do a simple survey & collecting some opinions.

Let's wander along with me to the lazy-saturday-fantasy-land....
Imagine that we, blogerians have a big gathering in this wonderful imaginary D-la-la-land (D for Diamond XD) and each of us has a certain amount of money and we're off shopping for a new Diamond ring (Hmm..sounds like MY 'kind' of imagination!lolz).

now a short preview about diamonds' properties are below, for those who want to know (for those who already knew/familiar, please skip thru the questions)...

Diamond Color: Starting from D (the highest grade, the most expensive) E-F, G-H-I-J (nearly colorless/white) down to Z (light yellow)

Clarity (means the inclusion/impurity present within a diamond):
starting from F(Flawless) - No inclusion visible internally n externally
IF(Internally Flawless) - No inclusion visible internally
VVS (Very very slightly included) - Very tiny inclusion, to be seen with microscope
VS (Very slightly) - Abit more inclusion, but still difficult to see even when using 10x magnification loupe
SI (Slightly Included) - Inclusion not visible to naked eyes, unless using 10x magnification loupe
I (Included) - Inclusion ranged from not too clear to clearly visible to naked eyes

Diamond Size (in carat, 1ct = 0.2gram): To make things simple, let's say in the D-la-la-land there are only 0.5ct, 0.7ct, and 1ct. size available

OF course given a choice, we would all opt for D color, F clarity, and 1ct size (lolz) but, without meaning to burst the bubbles, this is not the case for today's imaginary shopping ^^"

The questions are, given all other factors are equal:
1. If, you only have enough money to choose a better grade of two properties and sacrifice the last one... which combination of properties would you choose...?
Good Color and Good clarity but lower carat size
Good clarity and bigger size but lower color grade
some other combination...
and if you dont mind, please tell me why so?

2. On a different but slightly happier case (because the other one is happy enough already), say you have enough money to buy 1 ct stone (WOOHOO), then all you have to do is to choose between better color/lower clarity or better clarity/lower color. which would you go for?you may elaborate on your answer :D

3. Lastly, do you prefer yellow gold or white gold setting for your solitaire ring (keeping in mind that yellow gold actually cost more, and retain better value than the white sister)

I would be ecstatic to know your answers!! thanksss so very much for joining my fantasy-bandwagon today (then again, it might not be fantasy at all because one day each of us, if not most, will come into possession of this beautiful gemstone one way of another) ;)

Have a nice day ladies!!


Chrissy said...

...."diamonds are a girls best friend"....I sure like this post.
1.I think if I had to choose I would go for good color and good clarity in a smaller stone.
2. MY 1ct could be lower in color but with good clarity
3. this is a hard decision :) I would go for yellow gold just because it suits me better than any white gold/silver/platinum

Okay, so where is the billionaire to buy me one of these rings?

kalai said...

1. this is hard~lol. i think i would go for good color + good clarity over the size b/c i like that crisp white shine. i like looking diamonds so i think it makes a difference. but i know most people look at a ring for the size~ b/c they think that determines the price.

2. better clarity/lower color.. i think lower clarity is more obvious than a lower color.. i think.. lol

3. i usually wear more silver but for a d.ring i would pick gold. it's more classic and as you say retains better value.

--hope that helped^^ aa.. to have a diamond ring.. i dream all the time.haha~~❤

Askmewhats said...

I'll go for the best clarity and it doesn't have to be huge :) and my hubby gave me a white gold really depends on your skintone, i think I look ok on both but hubby gave me the white one to go together with the wedding ring :) I wear them together everyday :) this is a nice post!

verina oei said...

I'd go for clarity n color.:-)
Gold kinda vintage,i'd wear gold on any special occasion but white gold definitely for my wedding ring.hehe.
Yes,i didnt tell u i drive in pekanbaru,not jakarta,soon im coming back home,all motorbike,angkot, thx.hehe

José Ramón said...

A very interesting Greetings Blog

Pop Champagne said...

THE BRIGHTER THE WHITER THE BIGGER THE BETTER muhahahahaha ok ok lets be realistic here...

1. I'd go for good color instead of quality
2. my 1ct would be lower in clarity but high in color
3. I like platinum, but i can't afford platinum, so silver. Gold is too... flashy for me, i dunno seems like an older people thing, like my dad and grandma LOVES gold and he's 55 and she's 80 lol

I pick the color more cuz well you're wearing jewelry is to show others right, sooo the quality you're kinda the only person that knows it's not as good, others don't know. plus all the diamonds they show on tv are crisp white, so that's kinda the stereotype on them.. ya know?

hope this helps cutie!

♥akisa♥ said...

which jeweller do u work for in Melbourne? i'd love to come take a look~

1. Priority is Colour (D) Carat then clarity.

2. If I could have 1 Carat, I'd still like D colour, maybe E.

3. Prefer platinum, then white gold as I don't want scratches.

Yumeko said...

i personally opted for better clarity and a slightly smaller diamond ring <3 [just over a carat]

and my ring is a platinum band

KohLepe said...

Hana!!! I miss you =) I didn't know you work in Jewelry industry now. How cool is that! I did as well but back in 2000. How are things in TH? Hope you are doing well.
okay..I'll go ahead and start asking your questions here =) feel free to let me know if you need anymore help in anything =)

1. Good Color and Clarity but lower carat size. Most of my jewelry set in white gold and Platinum. It's very important that I have the color in the colorless (D or E) than to have bigger diamonds. Mainly it is because the color can easily been seen when set on white gold or platinum. They will not blend in and will completely stand out. As far as clarity goes, I would not go any lower than SI2. I look at clarity of diamond as a birth marks..something we all have. But def if my diamond is over 1ct, clarity will play a big part when comes to diamond picking. If there are any inclusions, must be on the side and not directly in the center of the diamond.

2. I think I covered this answer in question 1 which is Color and then Clarity. I would pick the diamond in D or E (prefereably D color) and may go down until SI1 on this 1 ct. The inclusion must not in the the center.

3. I prefer white gold over anything as platinum tend to scratch easily. I also like to get my rings re-rodium and buff every now and then, when it is done.. it has a lot of shine and look brand new =) But have to say that gold is becoming mor eand more expensive though.. I have been trying to collect jewlery in yellow 24k too hehe.

Hope this help you HANA!! If you have time, stop by and say hi ok =)



Blair said...

I agree with Julie on points #1 and #2. Can I choose platinum for #3? hahaha

Oh yeah, I always wanted to know the difference between platinum and white gold. Can you tell me?

On a side note, I bought Angelfit but I didn't try it out on my face yet

DSK said...

They have hot wings! :D Very good :D

DAKOTA said...

Diamonds are full of allure, class, glamor, art, and... Last but not least, taste. Fantastic post!

DDWWeb said...

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adin_22 said...

hi!Hana...u know what my aunt just learn how to make cake through the net...and she said it was just too easy...:)

Blair said...

LOL! I prefer taking pictures with my camera, I feel that my mobile isn’t up to par =(

Oooh maybe you take some pictures of the cosmetics available in BK. I know I’d love to see what’s available there!

Blair said...

Sure! I'll do a FOTD using Angelfit =D

I'm writing a review on it right now actually. I'll post it once I take a picture of its ingredients =D

I think you'd like it. The consistency is very light and runny - nothing like BB creams.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blog

Iyah said...

DIAMONDS!! How pretty!! :)
1. I want good color and good quality! :) and I want SOLID! lol :P

2. Better clarity and lower color :)

3. I want white gold! :) But if I can, I want platinum :D

Anonymous said...

oooh DIAMONDs @0@ - I'll go for clarity and good color smaller princess cut diamond hehe.. I love white gold band :D
i have same problem dear i didn't saw that you are updating :C ..thanks for the nice comment sis :D take care..n