Thursday, 20 August 2009

Will I grow tail?? :0

FIRST of all. A BIG THANK YOU for all of you ladies who have taken time to give me your valuable opinions on my last posts!! thanks thanks thanks thanks :D really appreciate it, and if there's anyone else who still wanna do it, please feel free to do so :)

I'm admitting myself an easy and soft target to all those interesting advertisements out there. Here's my last falling lolz collagen drinks that is said useful in keeping the skin young & healthy & beautiful & bla bla bla...
I really cant read the labels because it's all in runes...I mean thais XD (oh, n that's apple cider drink that I loooveee). Anyway, I was chatting with hubby on the phone and I told her what I just bought..

Hubby: Collagen drink???what for??
Me: you know, it keeps the skin healthy and young..
Hubby: You sure? It's connective tissue..
Me: What do you mean?
Hubby: You might start growing unwanted parts of body, like an extra hand, or a tail....
Me: When you see me next, you'll be surpised at how much much younger I look!
Hubby: I'll be surprise at your new tail LOLZ XD
Me: -.-"""

Anyone know where to buy a good fake tail?I'd love to see his expression when he picks me up at the airport with pretty tail dangling behind me ^^"

And today after lunch, me and my friends walked pass this seller on the street who sells these stuff:

My French classmate was so happy when he saw it and started to order with impressive skills, pointing this and that (he lived in Malaysia for 5 years before, and hence very asian, he inhales tomyum). He insisted I should try, so I did ...and boy they are yummy!! tomorrow I will hunt for the seller again! Mine were stuffed with yam (i love yam!) and chives, and the siomay was quite delish!

Okies that's all today. I know many of you ladies are very busy these days, please remember to take aside some time to rest! :) I also notice I got some new followers!! thank you!! I try to follow all of you but sometimes some of you dont make their page available :) anyways, know that I thank thee for following me ;)



Soapaholic said...

Hahaha, you and your hubby are so cute! Just cut off the tail of an old animal stuffed toy and pin it to the end of your shirt.:P Heehee.

Chrissy said...

the idea with the fake tail sounds great *lol* you should do that!!!
your hubby will be shocked =0

verina oei said...

U r too dare u wear tail at the airport.loll

Blair said...

LOL that's soo cute! How about a cute bunny's tail? That'd be adorable hehee~

Ahh, your French classmate sounds adventurous ahaha

Askmewhats said...

thanks for the story telling you made me smile :)

Kym said...

BAHAHHAHAH you should TOTALLLY buy a fake tail, that'd be hilarious! sounds like something my bf would tease me about too if i said i was drinking that stuff! hehe!

adin_22 said...

hahaha..That's funny...and wow...I love siomai!!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

LOL that would be so funny if you have a tail! ^__^ If you find one, take a picture for us & tell us how it goes :) hahaha

& omg, the food pictures loook yummy. Making me hungry XD

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

so cute! and those food look so yummy :)

ps, i've just moved back to my parents place near London for a month before moving to ... for my Masters, lol it will all be revealed soon!

charmine. said...

That's so funny! So, have you got your new tail?Also the food....looks like momos.

Manju said...

OOhhh you know one of those bunny suits! you should wear that and surprise him lol
i'd totally drink that, the bottle is so pretty and PINK!!

M said...

PUAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, your hubs is so funny. you seriously need to get a tail

omg the food pics makes me miss thailand like no other!

*Nehs* said...

you and your hubby are funny! :D LOL.

MiuMiu said...

hey hana! long time no comment~! sorry for being so slow. i haven't even read most of the comments from the posts i did after my trip.
haha a tail. maybe you should start sticking cotton balls all over yourself instead hehe
hope you're doing well =D

Iyah said...

Hahahha! You will grow a tail! LOL! Your hubby is so funny! ahahaha! :P

That food looks delish! :D

Yumeko said...

awww ur hubby is so cute

i do drink collagen drinks too but at ur young age , dont drink it daily yet ^^

Diane said...

omg, i nowknow why I haven'tbeen getting your updates. How did I unfollow you? Im so mad at myself.I have been missing out on your updates.Anyway, your hubby is funny!! haha.

Pop Champagne said...

hahaha funny! Yeah I can see that.. there's this eyelash drop that helps your eyelash grow but at the same time it warns you that you may start growing hair in unwanted places... LOL!

I'm so skeptical about drinks like that, even though I'd prob drink it anyways. its like you can't really tell if it's working or not... hmmm but yet I'm still a sucker for things like that! Hey, at least when I look old and gross I can say that I tried :)

eki said...

Hi sweets~! I use leave in conditioner couple times a week~ right now I am using Ma cherie platinum veil treatment. It smells nice and very thick~ makes my hair very smooth :)