Wednesday, 12 August 2009

KYM's giveaway & Tag & Award & Evil connection!! :D

Before I begin, KYM from beecreative is having a very fun giveaways, check it out!!

Now, I've been quite bad in doing/passing tag and award, but the internet connection here is really not a mere excuse. I've been disc/re-connecting for 5 times now in total in less than 10 mins :D really, patience is a virtue!! ^^"
Ok, so I've been kindly tagged by the gorgeous adin and verina

and here's the rule:
* Open my first photo folder * Scroll down to the 10th photo * Post that photo and story on my blog * Tag five {or more} friends to do the same

Since I'm not using my own laptop, I chuck all pictures into one folder, therefore the 10th pic is (ok, just got disc and re-connect again, let's start the count XD)..and while searching for the pic, another disc & re-connect, 7 times in total...Here's the wedding rings that I (hopefully) am going to do for one of my clients, the lady is still contemplating between two rows or four rows of diamonds. Well, what else to say about this picture since it's pretty self-explanatory, it's work-related that's all XD

and another awards
Rules of acceptance:

1. Acknowledge the person who sent you the award.
2. Nominate 7 other blogs.
3. Share your 7 personality traits so we can get to know you better.

Some of my traits:
1. I'm faint hearted :D I don't ride extreme rides nor watch horror movie
2. I'm much too friendly (with no ulterior motives) a person. and got misunderstood many times -.-" but really, this world could do better with more smiles lolz
3. I'm a very homie person. I could stay home for during weekends just enjoying myself. When I was writing my thesis, I became a temporary hermit and stayed home for two months (except when throwing the garbage out) and still came out insane afterward.
4. I cry easily. I hate it but I can't really change it.
5. I got excited or panicked easily. Thanks God my husband is the total opposite of me
6. I am a carnivore. I get hungry every two hours so I try to eat small portion. My husband put curfews on my snacks T-T
7. I'm afraid of reptiles family. It's beyond normal it annoys my whole family and myself too!

(another disconnection and re-connection, 9th times)

Now I would like to tag:
(another disconnection and re-connection, 10th times)
(another disconnection and re-connection, 11th times)

OK!! these are all I could endure for today!! I'm supposed to tag more people but sorry, I think I will give up now. Me and Internet would never be friends in this country -.-"

Until my next post ladies!! *slapping the modem*


Blair said...

LOL I'm a hermit-type person too!!! When I was doing my final year project, I went out once a week to buy groceries and that's it. If my friends wanted to see me, they would accompany me to do grocery shopping cos I refused to go elsewhere hahaha.

I love rollercoaster rides, but I'm scared of horror movies - I can't sleep if I watch them (scaredy cat at heart)

I'd totally slap your modem too - how irritating!

Hmmm... Angelfit didn't look particularly impressive on my hand but in pictures it looked very good. Would you like me to update after I buy it this weekend?

Kym said...

omg, i woulda thrown things at my computer by now... patience truly is a virtue. hahaha! ;P and wait.. what do you mean you're going to do that ring? do you make rings?

mszcheysser said...

OMG :) Your blog reminded me, that I need to do my tags/awards. Haha.

Anyways, I'm a homie type of person too! I thought I was so antisocial, until I read other bloggers, do the same thing! Thank goodness, hahaha :]] And I'm the same with #4 and #7.

Iyah said...

I have some heart problems too & scared of the roller coasters but I still ride. I probably can't do bunjee jumping though! LOL

Blair said...

New collections won't come over here so fast *sniff* Diamond Cut Eyes made their way here last month, so I can kiss bye bye to my dreams on owning Reflect Mirror Eyes this weekend =(

Don't tell me that RME is already available in Thailand?!

No problem! I'm just glad that you trust my judgment hehee~

Your course sounds great!!! I'd totally bring you along the next time I go jewelry shopping hahaha. You'll be my personal gem detector hahaha

Pop Champagne said...

I'm a hermit type person as well! lol... most nights after coming home from work I like to just launge around in my pjs and watch TV in my glasses and no make up. haha! I love rollercoaster rides as well... but I'm just afraid of what happens AFTER the ride since I get motion sickness easily LOL. Thanks for the tag but I did it a while back already! But Thanks for the tag and thanks for sharing these timbits about yourself!! :D

Chrissy said...

hi sweetie! thanks for tagging me. I already did the 10th photo tag. or did you mean the 7 personal traits???

Pop Champagne said...

Thankss! I make jewelry here and there when I'm bored or enlightened mostly lol. no I haven't moved into my new house yet... I won't until Aug 18th, then I won't be fully moved in until perhaps end of August... Ugh soo much work and $$ -_-

Amanda K said...

Those rings look gorgeous!!

Sorry to hear about the crappy connection.. hate when that happens.

OMG we have a lot of similarities!